How to cope with erectile dysfunction in relationships?

At a time when the principle of reciprocity of pleasures between spouses prevails, it is difficult for men to experience regular sexual breakdowns. However, an erectile dysfunction (ED) does not necessarily imply a drop in male libido. If the man did not want to have sex, he would not even try. The disorder is manifested by his inability to achieve or maintain the erection. Dear ladies, he needs your support (literally and figuratively).

And for men, you need to be open to communicate, if you don’t want your sexual breakdown to be the reason for a breakup.

What should couples avoid during a sexual breakdown?

When you start talking about the erection problems and your man is not fully receptive by being distant or aggressive, it is best to refrain and postpone the discussion.

Also be careful not to put pressure on your man. So, skip those scented candles and keep the sexy lingerie away. All this is only going to make him feel like he’s not living up to your sexual desires.

Don’t start blaming yourself and questioning your partner’s love. We repeat, he has not lost his desire. It’s just that his soldier isn’t quite up to it.

5 simple ways to cope with erectile dysfunction in relationships

Communication at the right time and in the right manner can help solve issues in a snap. Here’s how you can help your partner without actually rushing in to it:

  1. Reassure him about your feelings: Build his trust and help him relax by putting your love and desire in words. Show him that his erection is not the most important in your relationship. This will help him relax mentally and feel less pressurized.  
  2. Do not skimp on the preliminaries. Sex is not just about penetration. Take your time and engage in foreplay. Try subtle and simple ways to stimulate him without really aiming for an erection. As long as both of you enjoy the intimacy, nothing else matters.
  3. Try new experiences. Massage, exploration of erogenous zones, new positions or just a bubble bath. Make him rediscover his body and his desire for you away from the usual stimulation.
  4. Use and abuse humor. It is known, the humor effectively hunts anxieties and obsessions. Why not use the humor card during your sessions? Without making fun of his condition, of course. Your partner will relax more easily in such a scenario.
  5. Go consult together. If communication, gentleness and seduction do not solve help address the erection problems, convince your partner to meet a specialist. The best is to accompany your partner so that he feels confident. 

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