Does She Secretly Dislike Your Fetish?

You might often think about what women want in bed but hardly ponder about what they don't want in bed. I am sure you are a man who takes his woman's consent seriously. However, a 'Yes' doesn't always showcase liking for something. 

Remember, your lady loves you a lot and wants to keep you happy at all cost. So when you discuss your fetish and kink to her, she agrees. But does she like it? Fetishes have many forms: It can be an obsession with a particular body part like feet, boobs, stomach and whatnot. Or, it can be the urge to indulge in anal sex, have some kind of role-play. I mean, sex gives you all the liberty to be creative, weirdly creative.

So is there a right way to introduce your fetish in a relationship? Of course. Communication, consent and negotiation. The thought on introducing something new in your bedroom and getting your long-cherished fetish fulfilled excites you. But calm your horses for a while, mister. It is not about you; it is about both of you. 

Make sure you create a relaxing environment and present the idea of trying out something from your fetish bucket list. Do some thinking before talking. You know your partner and her likes and dislikes in bed. If you sit back and think for a while, you will get an idea about what kind of fetish will be a big no for her. Don't scare her by bringing it up to her. Once discussed, negotiate on the terms. Make your partner comfortable so that she doesn't hesitate in telling you what she is comfortable in. If she disagrees for something, don't force her.  

Even after all these, there can be a chance that she feels uncomfortable about your fetish. The reason is apparent. She loves you and doesn't want to tell you that she dislikes your desire. You can figure out by her behaviour in the bed. If she seems distracted during your love-making sessions or is being in a dead starfish state, understand, she does not like it. Don't feel bad. No one is asking you to forget about your sexual desires. Just a little bit of modification and it will be equally enjoyable for her. 

For example, if you have a fetish for sucking toes, mix-it-up with a foot massage. Similarly, while indulging in anal sex, use an ample amount of lubricant and try to be gentle. And while you are exploring her butthole; distract her mind from the pain by giving her a back rub. There is ample room for innovation. You just have to be willing to do it. 

Her dislike for your fetish doesn't mean the end of your sex life. It is just allowing you to think out of the box. 

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