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ED testimonials

  1. There are very few websites that want to make the customer understand the actual sexual problem than just sell products. I am glad I came across when I was trying to find answers to my doubts regarding erections. I found answers and solutions – First time customer
  2. I don’t just use your products, but read your articles regularly too. There are so many new things to learn. I have started modifying my lifestyle based on the suggestions. The quiz was an eye-opener. I am sure I will be your lifetime fan – A repeat customer
  3. understands my problems and doesn’t make fun of it. All your reading material related to erection problems is educative. Initially I thought my erection problems were a temporary thing but your quiz made me realize that I need help. The online consultation and treatment prescribed is surely helping me – A client
  4. I was happy when the package arrived. It was discreet as promised and the products were neatly packed. My entire experience right from the assessment through the quiz to the buying process has been smooth. Thank you, Misters for it – A satisfied client.
  5. I am not married and my occasional erection problems were bothering me. I came across this Man quiz when looking for affordable treatment to this problem. They asked me the right questions and the report said that my problem was at a very initial stage. A few lifestyle modifications and supplements have helped me feel better since the last 2 months. Thank you – A customer
  6. Seamless buying experience, high quality products and the best part – discreet packaging. Misters makes my life easy as I was always shy to discuss my erection problems with a doctor in person. Thank you team – A repeat customer
  7. I have high blood pressure and I did not know that it was the reason for my erection problems. With your Man quiz I came to know of many new things. What is best is that along with Sildenafil, you also helped consult an online doctor who ensured that my current medication does not interfere with these new supplements. This is definitely convenient and reliable – A first time customer


PE Testimonials

  1. Thank you, Misters for providing me with the right information on premature ejaculation. I was facing recurring issues and the Serotonin inhibitors along with vitamin supplements prescribed are helping me overcome my problem. I have been using it since 2 and half months and there is a difference so I will continue to use it longer – A satisfied customer
  2. It’s so much easy to answer your quiz and you ask the right questions. I am glad I don’t have to visit a doctor who might judge me for my sexual habits. Thank you for clearing all my doubts. I am no more stressed about my premature ejaculation since it is an occasional one. However, I have started using the multivitamins to remain healthy – A client
  3. I like to read a lot about any supplements I consume. And the best part is not only do you suggest the appropriate solutions but also answer all my queries regarding the way it works and its side effects. It is so much easy to make the decision. I am using the multivitamins suggested and I feel a boost in my vigor – client
  4. I was heartbroken because I couldn’t satisfy my partner. I came across the Man quiz and took it casually. But once I received the result and the possible solutions, I realized that I can get help. Thank you for arranging a consultation with your doctor. You helped me find a solution without going through the embarrassment of visiting a local clinic – A repeat client
  5. After the quiz and an assessment, I placed an order for the therapy box. I was happy that it is not too expensive. assured me that my package will not reveal what is inside it. I ordered it at work and no one even knew what it was. That is a relief. Thank you – A client who wanted complete discreteness.
  6. I once visited a doctor regarding my premature ejaculation issues and he didn’t even bother to ask me questions in detail. He was as shy as me. This online quiz, assessment and consultation is so much better. I have found the right solution to my problem. I will write again after using it for a month – A first time customer.
  7. The way you ask me questions about my lifestyle at each stage after I choose the premature ejaculation products is amazing. The personalized approach is appreciated. It feels like a one-on-one consultation in complete privacy. Thank you and I am surely going to continue using the supplements suggested – A satisfied customer.


Hairfall testimonials

  1. Hairloss and balding runs in our family. I thought I would have to live with it too. But thanks to Misters, I know that there are medicines that can help treat genetic hairloss. I have purchased the hair kit and love how my hair texture feels. I am going to continue using it for a long time – A first time customer.
  2. I was proud of my hair during college days. And then suddenly, I saw my hairline. I was losing hair and it stressed me out. I followed several commercials, tried many products but they didn’t help much. With Misters, they tried to assess the cause of hairloss and suggested supplements and shampoo based on it. I surely feel the difference in 3 months – A repeat client.
  3. I like how the hair kit is packaged and delivered. The service is quick and the products are affordable. I am sure it will me solve my hairfall problem – A customer.
  4. One of my doctors had suggested Minoxidil for solving my hairloss problem. But after few months, it didn’t show much effect. I came across the Misters website and took their quiz. They suggested a ketoconazole shampoo and biotin along with Minoxidil and I now see the results – A satisfied customer
  5. I was worried about the cost of treatment of my receding hairline. Compared to many other websites and pharmacies, I got effective products at a much lesser rate. The service is personalized and delivery is quick – A happy client.
  6. Misters doesn’t make false promises. They clarified that I will need to follow the treatment for 4-6 months for the exact results. This way I am less stressed and using the product regularly to retain my remaining hair. Thank you guys – A customer
  7. The products they suggest are non-alcohol based which helps keep hair healthy. In the past, the low-quality products I used have led to my hairloss. I don’t want to risk it anymore. I an enjoying the results of the ketoconazole shampoo – A satisfied client
  8. I had receding hairline and some bald patches. I answered the Misters quiz and the report suggested I consult a specialist. The best part, I got an online consultation and that too at a very low cost. The doctor has advised me the treatment and I am confident that it will solve my problem to some extent – A happy customer.
  9. A thorough assessment, affordable haircare products and supplements for hairfall and an online consultation since my problem was a little complicated. I would have wasted so much time if I visited a local doctor. Thank you for making it easy for me Misters – A first time client.
  10. I used the hairfall products from Misters and found them really good. I recommended it to another colleague and now I have four other friends who ordered hair kits and products and are all happy. I got the credits thanks to you Misters – A happy customer.


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