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Oh yes! There are exercises to help you perform better in bed. You might have maintained your fitness at par but that’s doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing great in bed too. Sex—what you fantasize about, what you see, and what you experience in real, are all different. Pornographic movies portray sex is the perfect elongated beautiful sessions however, it is messy in reality.


It doesn’t matter who you are with. Be it your wedded partner or any other bed partner in relationship, you might end up goofing up. It can be an awkward pause, any mishap, or just a simple muscle cramp. So how do you ensure your performance not just in the gym but also in bed are satisfying, fun, adventurous, and fun? The below exercises which we call as sexually fit remedies will keep away physical issues and save you from awkward pauses during sex:



If you run out of breath often and end up rushing because of that, you need to build your endurance. Women take longer than men to reach climax hence, you need to endure longer while thumping her. Working out to build your endurance through cardio can help you prevent such situations when you run out of stamina. So, don’t just work out to get good biceps or packs. Focus on cardio too if you want to keep making her happy.


Legs give up before you

Would you deny that your leg strength matters? Do it anyway! Unless your partner is the one riding on you mostly. Leg strength helps you keep pushing for longer. Thankfully you will not have to climb mountains for it as you can easily build that strength by doing squats and wall sits. It will build your quads and hamstrings and strengthen your leg. So, next time when you are working out, remember the leg’s strength matter.


Body stiffness and flexibility

If you feel stiffness and tightness in your muscles when you are trying out new positions, it can suddenly break your movement and even spoil your mood. You should be able to bend, twist, and stretch your body.


Flexibility brings creativity and to get the flexibility you need to work on your stretching routine. Forward and backward leg swings will help you loosen up your legs as well as hips. Doing it properly will provide flexibility to your flexors, extensors, adductor, and abductors. You will be able to avoid any cramps during your fun and sensually induced bedroom sessions, just remember to stretch during your workouts.


Start with warm-ups then to your exercise. After you are done with both, you should then get on to stretching. Warm-ups increase your heart-rate and body temperature. Warm muscles stretch well and into a full range of flexibility with motion. You can try 30 seconds static stretches post-workout.


Can’t hold own body weight for long

You should be able to hold yourself up on her as you push yourself in her. The longer you can hold, the more pushes you get to make. Well, this is just like push-ups which are the best exercise to train your body to be able to hold the weight. Planks and other workouts for chest, triceps, shoulders, and core are good too as they will help you remain comfortable when you are pushing yourself into her.  


Erectile issues

Erectile Dysfunction can happen due to numerous reasons, medications could be one of them. You can only try to minimize the effect if you are on any medication. Eating healthy and doing regular exercise can help you reduce the side-effects. Cardiovascular functions like blood circulation issues add to the problems of ED. Eat less fat and add more fiber to your diet because just workouts won’t help.


Sometimes sex can be fearful too as men face a variety of problems like anxiety, stress, and others. There are many troubling factors but the above-mentioned exercises will add on to your physical fitness and the happiness of your partner.

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