5 foods that will help cure premature ejaculation

Fellas, was there a time where you ‘finished’ too soon? Or where you got going with your partner but finished in a matter of seconds? Although, it may have crossed your mind - with the social stigma present - you may be going through premature ejaculation (PE).

Science has defined PE as ‘the orgasm of a male either before or just at the beginning of intercourse.’ So, in other words, if you ‘finish’ just at the start or just before the start of intercourse, you probably just ejaculated too quick (PE). Nothing to be ashamed of though, as PE is one of the most common issues that males face. Stats have shown that around 30-40% of males around the world have experienced or are experiencing PE.

Your diet could be a significant add-on to fighting against PE; what you add to your diet could really change the way your penile muscles work in the bedroom. Let's break it down, here are the top 5 foods you could include in your diet:

1.    Green onion seeds: They help increase your stamina and prolongs sexual capacity. Crush a few seeds and pop them into a glass of water around once or twice a day. Sounds gross, but could help you work your ‘magic’.

2.    Avocados: Rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K, avocados help in increasing blood flow to your penile muscles, which is the point right? Add a few slices over toast or make a salad out of it, simple!

3.    Walnuts: These lil’ guys help reduce impotence, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction because of their antioxidant, omega-3, and anti-inflammatory properties. You could eat them in a salad or as is, your choice bud.

4.    Spinach - Science has proven that men who ejaculate quicker have a lower amount of magnesium compared to those who don't. Guess who's got a high supply of magnesium? Yes, spinach! Adding this to your diet not only helps boost your sexual health but also your physical health.

5.    Oats: Stress and anxiety can affect PE if you have it, or can cause PE due to psychological pressure. Oats is an excellent booster of serotonin which helps reduce stress and anxiety - definitely a sweet add-on to your diet.

There are a lot more foods that can be added to your diet to help fight the age-old war against PE like carrots, ginger and honey, garlic and many more. All these give blood flow to penile muscles which in turn help give you greater control over your ejaculation. If you still don't notice any changes, there are loads of options that can help you overcome PE.

A physician that specialises in such issues would suggest a few drugs that help assist the penile muscles so you can last longer. Some physicians would recommend numbing creams or gels to desensitise the area which gives males stimulation.

PE is something that most people don’t speak about openly, but it is something that occurs on the regular with males. Following a diet plan or your physician’s advice can help you reach your bedroom goals in no time.

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