Men, Saying These Things to Your Woman Can Really Turn Her On

Communication and intimacy go hand in hand. Performing great in the bed, of course, is wonderful but it is also particularly important to talk her to turn on. Gentlemen, you might be thinking that dirty talking doesn’t work and is frowned upon by many because it can be offensive. But you should know how to use the words perfectly to make her horny. 

Men, here are few tips and phrases that can really turn your woman on.

  1. Actions – There are certain actions that your partner does about which both of you might be aware of. This generally works if you are the kind of couple who do not bother to have it anywhere. Now you just have to add two scenarios into one sentence. You can say “I cleaned up the table so that we can make it messy again.” Or, “My tongue tastes sweet today, can you make it spicy with yours?” Or, “our coach is strong enough to hold a million pounds.” Say it with a bit coarser tone so that it doesn’t mean something else.
  2. Final Destination – Try this when you have the mood but don’t want it to interfere with that of hers. You can stimulate her by saying “I’m tired, do you want to be too.” No explanation required after saying this.
  3. Direct Signals – Indirect signals are a bit more flirty so it can be taken otherwise. Say it as you want it. You can say “I would like to have my dinner on you,” or a little dirtier if you can carry it with confidence – “let’s make something out of milk and cream.”
  4. Indirect Signals – These lines are generally indirect but do not require any roundabouts. You can choose to say “You work too hard and I appreciate it. Now let me work hard on you.” Or, “in case you are tired, I’m ready to work for you too.” Or, “Let’s have our desserts after the meal.” The way you say it means the most, or else these are just another irritating lines.
  5. Appreciation – These lines can mean a lot when said with conviction. You appreciate your woman with the hint that it wants to make you have sex with her as the token of appreciation. You can say “There are two things that work good in this home, your lips and my tongue.” Or, “you look ravishing when you have no clothes on/red undergarments” Or, “Your workout can make me tired”
  6. Comparison – Choose a case, add the detail and appreciate your love. You can say “If I were Jack, I would have had my last sex with you on the plank before dying.” Or, “mission impossible is to make you orgasm more than 6 times.” Or, “Having sex with you is like Game of Thrones. It’s dirty and no one knows what’s next.”

These lines are just a hint of what you can say. There are a lot of lines that you can think of that would really turn your woman on. You just need to practice to make it sound with an irresistible urge to make it better.

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