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How stress is affecting bedroom stories?

When you have "everything to be happy" that is you feel good about yourself, your job, your relationship and you are determined to succeed on all fronts. How can you admit that there is still a shadow on the blackboard, a part of life a little less triumphant? Especially when the chapter we are referring to is sex.

Elastic hours, chronic fatigue and stress, taking medication to keep up, sloppy sex are all cutting the wings of your libido. Several studies have clearly indicated that stress is the elephant in the room that is suppressing sex life of most couples.

Stress and sexual health problems

A survey carried out by the Technologia, highlighted that stress related to work can very strongly harm your libido. Carried out for a year with 1336 people, this study shows that the overwhelming majority of the population are affected by this problem.

73% of respondents say that the fatigue accumulated at work prevents them from making love at night. 24% of them also explain that they have already had sexual health problems due to stress in their professional life. Among managers, this proportion reaches 70%! And for a quarter of those questioned, this stress leads to sexual disorders, and in the first place, desire disorders for 84% of women and 65.4% of men. The workers, for their part, suffer 52% from an early morning duty which prevents desire for morning sex. This percentage rises to 62% for those who have an hour of transportation before arriving at work. To the question "if your work was less stressful, would you make love more often?", 63% of those questioned answered "yes". This percentage peaks at 74% among night workers.

The smartphones are also extremely harmful to a couple’s intimate life, people still work more in the evening and night on their own time. This was the major cause for lack of desire in managers.

Following the results of another survey carried out by the British radio station BBC Radio 5 Live. After interviewing 2,066 couples’ volunteers, 45% said stress was the number one reason from problems in the bedroom. In second position, 32% of respondents answered physical health problems. Finally, on the bottom step of the podium it is mental disorders that affect the sex life of 26% of those questioned. These are close to children (20%) and work (18%) which also affect the sex life.

Fatigue the first source of stress in the intimate life of couples

Fatigue is the first cause of stress that hinders the sexual life of couples. Stress creates a surge of hormones in the body that can affect desire. In addition, the frantic daily life pushes partners to think more about their missing sleep when they find themselves under the sheets rather than reviving their intimate life. The problem is that the lack of sexual life also creates frustration which is added to this fatigue, which is already a source of stress in the couple. A real vicious circle then intrudes into the life of a couple which can be more than toxic if we do not react in time.

Intense fatigue and more desire to make love: what are the solutions?

There is nothing inevitable and there are solutions to find both the form and the desire to make love and revive the spark between sheets. It is necessary to do a health check regularly to determine what are the reasons for your intense fatigue.

Once the causes of the problem are treated, your libido will wake up naturally. However, this period of fatigue can be an opportunity to review your relationship, open doors to communication with your partner and foster understanding. It is also important that you seek a work-life balance to spend more quality time with your partner and nurture your relationship.

In Japan, a study indicated that 46% of women and 25% of men despise sexual contact due to fatigue and work pressure, the Government encourages companies to give employees extra hours and days off to reverse the trend. While all developing countries might not be in a position to implement such extreme measures, it is the individual who needs to strike the balance.

The encroachment of professional life on private life is what creates sexual tension and frustration in the bedroom. In an alternate or “dream” life, 90% of employees place personal life and family at the top of their priorities! But between the ideal life and reality, the gap is significant. Hence, an ideal solution would be to stop treating these two as opposites. How about making your professional and personal life allies? After all, they feed on the same source – desire and that is definitely an inexhaustible reservoir.

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