Masturbation Solution (1 month)

Misters Masturbation pleasure enhancement solution

  • Improves stamina: Shilajit Pro for Men improves performance by increasing strength, stamina and vigour.
  • Boost testosterone: Shilajit also boosts testosterone levels, helps build muscle and stamina.
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The kit contains

The one month Misters Masturbation Solution contains Ayurvedic supplements that improve sustenance and provide a warm and pleasant sensation Enhance for Men x 2 Shilajit Pro for Men x 1

how to use

ProductMorningAfternoonNightAnytime Enhance for Men Enhance for Men

Apply 2 times a day Shilajit Pro for Men Shilajit Pro for Men

1 capsule

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Shilajit restores the energy of the body. Fulvic acid, one of its major ingredients, is responsible for boosting power, energy and stamina.

how does ayurveda work

how does ayurveda work
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    Ayurvedic science works with a holistic understanding of the body and the mind.

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    It works by prevention and treatment of the root cause, rather than responding to symptoms of the issue.

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    We recommend 45-60 days of continued ayurvedic treatment combined with healthy eating and physical exercise for best results.

Why Misters?

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Discreet doorstep delivery

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What does Misters Shilajit Pro for Men do?

Misters Shilajit Pro for Men is designed to significantly improve your strength and stamina, made with the purest Himalayan Shilajit and standardised Ashwagandha, it is designed for high efficacy and value for money.

Can women use Misters Enhance for Men?

While Misters Enhance for Men is designed for men, it can be used by women safely as an intimate moisturiser.

Can I use Misters Enhance for Men as a regular moisturiser?

Yes, you can use Misters Enhance for Men regularly for increasing your endurance and for its antibacterial effect.

Is it ok to consume Misters Enhance for Men?

'Misters Enhance for Men is not designed for oral consumption. Please do not consume the product. If the product is accidentally consumed or comes in contact with your eye, please see a doctor immediately.

Does Misters Enhance for Men create a burning sensation on sensitive skin?

No, Misters Enhance for Men creates a warm and pleasant feeling. It is carefully designed and tested to not cause any adverse reactions. However, if you experience any allergic effects, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor. We recommend that you do a patch test before applying the product on your sensitive areas. To do that, please use a small amount on your forearm and wait 30 minutes before proceeding to use the product.

Does Misters Enhance for Men cause any side effects?

No, there are no known side effects caused by Misters Enhance for Men.

How long will Misters Masturbation Solution last?

Misters Masturbation Solution consists of 01 unit of Shilajit Pro and 02 units of Enhance for Men. This solution will last you for one month



Based on 2 reviews

Contraindications:- Any prolonged untreated Heart Disease
Any untreated Chronic Liver/Kidney Disease
Untreated/uncontrolled High Blood Pressure.