Bold for Men (30 Capsules)

+ free expert consultation Bold for Men is a natural ayurvedic supplement that supports healthy testosterone levels, improves penile tissue strength and alleviates stress. Made from a proprietary blend of 100% natural herbal ingredients containing 18 Ayurvedic herbs, such as Gokshura, Shilajit and Ashwagandha.


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Increases Testosterone

Gokshura improves the production of Nitric oxide (NO) along with improving testosterone levels. NO is important in the erection process.

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Increases Stamina

Stacked with shilajit, an abundant source of fulvic acid. It improves stress and stamina.

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Better Erections

Along with Gokshura and Shilajit, BOLD features 16 more ayurvedic herbs that have been scientifically tested to sustain better erections and improve sexual wellness.

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how does ayurveda work

how does ayurveda work
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    Ayurvedic science works with a holistic understanding of the body and the mind.

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    It works by prevention and treatment of the root cause, rather than responding to symptoms of the issue.

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    We recommend 45-60 days of continued ayurvedic treatment combined with healthy eating and physical exercise for best results.


Natural & Effective Ingredients

Misters does an extensive clinical research and maintains a very high quality.

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How to use


I don\'t have erectile dysfunction issues, can I still consume Bold for Men?

Yes! Although Bold for Men is designed to help manage erectile dysfunction, it is a holistic product that promotes a satisfying love life.

Is Bold for Men safe to consume?

Absolutely! Bold for Men is made with the highest quality ingredients at a GMP certified facility.

Are there any side effects associated with Bold for Men?

None, there are no known side effects with Bold for Men.

Can Bold for Men be used with other products?

Yes! Bold for Men works well with Josh for Men that is designed to increase libido.

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Scientific products
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Discreet doorstep delivery
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Full privacy guaranteed
Trusted by over 30,000 Indian Men
Trusted by over 30,000 Indian Men
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Backed by leading doctors



Based on 48 reviews

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