Misters.in Daily Josh for Men (45 Capsules)

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Helps fight 17 signs of ageing for men. Improves sleep quality, increases muscle strength, performance and stamina, and helps reduce stress and anxiety. These and other symptoms covered in the Ageing Male Symptoms questionnaire are experienced by men in their forties. Formulated with Tesnor TM, a proprietary botanical extract, Misters Daily Josh is ideal for men in their 40s!

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Boosts performance

Magnesium works with TesNOR ™ to improve vigour and optimising muscle strength.

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Enhances energy

Zinc acts as a hormone balancer to improve overall vigour and vitality

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Improves testosterone levels

TesNOR ™ is scientifically proven to improve serum testosterone levels

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Fights Aging Male Syndrome (AMS)

Daily Josh fights signs of AMS like fatigue.

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Natural & Effective Ingredients

Misters does an extensive clinical research and maintains a very high quality.

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What does Misters Daily Josh for Men do?

Misters Daily Josh for Men is India’s first product that fights 17 signs of Aging Male Syndrome (AMS) with TesNOR ™ , Magnesium and Zinc.

What is the scientific evidence of TesNOR ™ efficacy in boosting serum testosterone levels?

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of a Novel Herbal Composition Improving Testosterone Level in Healthy Young Males. 160 individuals were randomised to give different doses of TesNOR and compared with placebo for 56 days. A significant increase in free and total testosterone levels, marginal decrease in DHT, moderate decrease in cortisol (stress hormone) and significant in muscle mass and strength was reported.

How long does it take to see the effects of Misters Daily Josh consumption?

At the end of the first month, increment in serum testosterone levels is seen. Your energy will replenish. At the end of two months, there will be significant improvement in fatigued and stressful conditions. By the end of the third month, you will unlock the maximum benefits. Your overall stamina and strength will increase, testosterone will be optimum thus boosting your vgour and vitality.

What are the signs of male aging?

According to Mayo Clinic, testosterone (amle hormone) levels peak in men during early adulthood (20s). Those levels then start declining at the rate of 1% each year, starting from the age of around 30. Declining testosterone levels show up as signs of male aging and include hair loss, reduced muscle mass, increased body fat, persistent fatigue, and at times, depression.

What is Aging Male Syndrome (AMS)?

Aging Male Syndrome (AMS) is a medical condition that can start between the ages of 35 and 65, when testosterone levels in their body decline considerably. In contrast to female menopause, the process of aging in the male genital system is slow and highly variable between individuals. The characteristic symptoms of Aging Male Syndrome include weakness, depression, fatigue and changes in body hair and skin, decreased lean body mass accompanied by increased visceral fat, decreased bone mineral density.

What is TesNOR ™ ?

TesNOR ™ , a natural testosterone booster is a proprietary blend of two herbal extract. These herbs are Punica granatum Fruit peel extract & Theobroma cacao seed extract. TesNOR ™ has been studied widely for its testosterone boosting capability with aid ageing men with their loss of energy, strength and vigour. TesNOR ™ has been clinically studied to improve testosterone levels in the body within 15 - 30 days of consumption of the product.

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