Intimacy during isolation

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Feeling lockdown loneliness is completely normal

The anxiety induced by the recent nation-wide lockdown is real. With an increased amount of time on our hands, one has an inherent tendency to communicate with another individual. Man is a social animal, after all.

This is a space that offers you the chance to mindfully explore human relationships when you actually have the time. To be intimate in the times of isolation is hard but it does help if you have a discreet, licensed expert to speak to. Somebody who specializes in the field of listening to others.

While all of us dote on our loved ones who serve as great support systems, they may not be the best candidates to offer advice on intimate matters.

Meet Rohan Pasricha - the man of the hour:


Rohan has a postgraduate diploma in Counselling Psychology from the Xavier Institute of Counselling Psychology (XICP), accompanied by an advanced diploma in Integrative Counselling from The Institute of Human Technology, Mumbai.

He is certified in the Robert Carkhuff model of counselling, Rogerian therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and Transactional Analysis (TA).

Rohan currently runs a private practice in Mumbai, where he successfully assists clients from all walks of life, to cope with myriad concerns.

In addition, he also counsels at St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage, in Bandra, Mumbai mainly working with children and young adults.

Here’s what Rohan has to say about it:

“I am the one you can have all those seemingly “awkward” conversations with – except that there’s nothing awkward about it after all. I will be a confidante and guide to you – but most importantly, I’ll help you realise that all the solutions lie within you.

If you are skeptical about whether these sessions really work, I can understand you. But if you trust me, I’ll show you.

So just click on an available date and time slot of your choice from the calendar below, and I will call you then.”

What’s so comforting about this process?

  • Misters offers you confidential expert consultations completely free of cost, for a limited time period.

  • The frequency of multiple sessions will be limited to no more than once a week. Two sessions a week will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. These sessions are conducted as per the global therapy guidelines framework

  • Click on book an appointment to finalize the timing of your personalized session.
Click below, to read our short and informative research piece on intimacy in the times of isolation and remember to book an appointment with our expert.

Intimacy in isolation

Social distancing has perhaps dethroned sex as the activity (or rather inactivity) people curren...

These one-on-one sessions will surely make you feel less lonely in an uncertain time. All of us like to be listened to. So give an expert the privilege to do so!