About Us

About Us

“So, where do you work?”
“At a startup...”
“Well, what does your startup do?”
“Erm...well, uncle, it...oh, lovely weather today, no?”

So, there are lots of reasons to not put names and faces here, because we work in a space shaped by stigma. But what would be the point of that? If it is stigma that we are fighting, we can’t turn to the weather. If we stand for confidence in the face of doubt, then the first step is surely for you to see who we are. So, here we go:

Suhas Misra

The archetypal insider-outsider of India’s entrepreneurship world. Co-founder of Hector Beverages (Paper Boat) and co-founder of ChannelPlay (arguably India’s largest retail marketing company), but also quixotic challenger of the depressing status quo in rural healthcare (Tardigrade), and a retiree (well, no longer) at 35! Alumnus of IIM Calcutta (class of 2003), and a brief visitor to the corporate world (Coca Cola, Nokia, 2003-06).

Gaurav Gupta

The one who ensures there’s method to the madness. Seasoned veteran of the corporate world (Coca Cola, Nokia, Citibank, Tata Docomo). Started BookBhook (a byte-sized book summary business), before heading to Pearson’s on his way to co-founding Misters. Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad (class of 2001).

Saurabh Kumar

The operations man, and another veteran of the corporate world (Berger Paints, ICICI, Reliance Money). Started 360 Yards, a real estate startup, before taking on the windmills with Tardigrade. Alumnus of Narsee Monjee (class of 2003).

Kumar Aditya Mohta

The appropriately nerdy techie. Worked on the very complex backend of the telemedicine app at Tardigrade and has put together the absolutely glorious misters.in website.

Sabena Nadar

One of the two vegans. Responsible for keeping things running smoothly here, apart from working on partnerships that matter.


Seasoned RTM expert, worked at Eveready, Shell, Becton Dickinson, before turning entrepreneur. And seasoned players with an entrepreneurial streak is just about the ideal mix here at Misters