What is the AIMSWC?

AIMWC stands for All India Men's Sexual Wellness Conference. It is an initiative to further the conversation on men's sexual conference. The conference has monthly editions, each taking up a sub-theme. Participants can share their writings on the theme which are published in the AIMSWC Monthly, or join the conference as listeners. The main even is an online session with experts on the theme of the specific edition.

What is the theme for AIMSWC August, 2021?

This edition the focus in on the impact Covid has had, and will continue to have on sex in general. The pandemic has been so dramatic that it is bound to impact all aspects of life, and it is important for practitioners to share their experience of how it has changed people's relationship with sex. Experts from the fields of public health, sexual health research and product development will address the conference in the main event. All participants can share their thoughts on the theme which will be published in the AIMSWC Monthly.

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Why should I participate?

The most important reason to participate is to learn more from peers, and to share your own experience and knowledge. Participants will also get certificates, and a free copy of AIMSCW Monthly. Also participant profiles will be shared on Misters.in, India's leading men's sexual wellness website.

How should I register?

You can register through the link given here. There is a registration fee of Rs.1,000 which you can pay online through any online payment method. On registration you will get 5 units of ayurvedic Misters Josh For Men (trade price, Rs.1,000; MRP Rs.3,995) which will make registration practically free for you.

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What will I get from participation?

You get a platform of knowledge sharing, recognition of your peers, recognition through certification, and access to a monthly publication of men's sexual wellness, AIMSWC Monthly.

When is the conference?

The next edition is scheduled for 28th August, 2021 (Saturday.) Details on time slot will be shared shortly. Registration closes on 22nd August (Monday.)

How often is the conference held?

The AIMSWC is held every month.

What happened at past conferences?

In past conferences specific themes discussed have been Shilajit, Kaunchbeej, Ashwagandha and Gokshura. The conference is now broadening its scope, but we will return to ingredient specific themes again in the future.

Some Images From Previous Events

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