Please don't worry. We are not about to ask you to bench press 200 kilo everyday.

Although, speaking of that, can you?

No, no. Forget that. That's not the point.


There are these specific exercises for your pelvic floor muscles that may be very useful for help with premature ejaculation, by enabling you to have greater control over when you come. You can read the research around this here.

These exercises are also called Kegel exercises.

Here's how you can go about doing them in:

Identifying your pelvic floor muscles. This is best done while urinating. You have to try and stop mid-flow. Get a sense of the muscles you are tightening to do that. Try and breathe freely while you have stopped the flow and count up to three. Let go. Repeat the next time you are urinating. The muscles you are controlling to stop the flow are the pelvic floor muscles, and the way you are controlling them is, quite simply the exercise.

You can identify these muscles trying to stop a fart as well, but as urination is much more predictable than a fart, and stopping mid-flow is easily observable, that might be better.

Please note that these are not the muscles in your thighs or buttocks. In fact, the point about breathing freely is that means you are unlikely to be using those to stop mid-flow.

Try this routine a few times till you are familiar with the exercise. You will then be able to do it while sitting, standing or lying down. Basically, you will be all set.

Three sets of ten 'tightenings' each through the day.

That's your workout!

Just do it!