In the west, men in their forties and fifties routinely evaluate testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to overcome testosterone deficiency. This is not as salient in India and elsewhere of course, but it is nascent and growing, and apart from injections, there are options like testosterone capsules, gels and patches.

In a lot of ways this is part of the larger narrative in healthcare of western medicine having direct methods of dealing with a theme, even as that direct method can significant side effects (and so does TRT), while a lot of other approaches, typically from traditional Indian, Chinese and other systems take a longer time to act, are not clinically studied in the same way as western medicine is, but do not have side effects.

This discussion comes up in a new piece on Cushings Disease News, a news and information website for those who are suffering from Cushing's Disease, in which a user describes his journey from TRT to alternative approaches through supplements et al.

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