It is important to understand that there are two broad approaches to boosting testosterone.

First, supplements, typically herbal origin, that help boost the system of testosterone production in the body. And second, supraphysiological (or lets say outside the systems of the body) doses of testosterone administered through injections, or indeed gels and sprays.

It is easy to see why testosterone injections etc will have side effects because these are not linked to a particular man's physiological system. However, it has remained prevalent because the systems delivering these treatments have a vested interest in downplaying the side effects.

The question mark over the supplements has been that they have not enough efficacy.

At least until now. With the launch of Misters Daily Josh, this has changed. It is formulated with a herbal extract, Tesnor(TM), that is clinically proven to boost testosterone. This makes it a breakthrough product, and its subsequent success with men turning to it as a daily supplement is hardly surprising.

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Testosterone introduction