“Erectile dysfunction,” glad that not all problems need medication at once. If you feel you have a problem while performing in bed, shorter intercourses or shorter erection, do not worry my friend, you are among numerous other people who face the same problem. You should be happy that you acknowledge it and want to make things better.

There are various things that you can do to improve your sex life. Some exercises and foods can increase your overall blood flow and keep you healthy. But, in today’s article, we’ll solve the enigma of erectile dysfunction with the help of an elixir that is present in almost every household around the world – Chilli pepper or cayenne pepper; That’s right. Let us spice up your love life with a pinch of chilli pepper.

Chemical composition

We are not going to talk about the chemical composition of chilli, but definitely what we need to know is “Capsaicin.” Capsaicin is the chemical compound that is stored in the white filament to which the seeds are attached inside the red, green or black chilli sheath. One can either consume or apply the capsaicin cream.

Benefits in erectile dysfunction

Capsaicin are believed to have metabolism-boosting and neuropeptide activating agents that help in facilitating the central sexual behaviour of the body.

The primary stimulant is the alkaloid particles which escalates the nervous impulses. The nerves in the penis get stimulated as well as support a more prolonged erection.

Capsaicin is also considered as a mild blood thinner. It also helps in expanding the blood vessels in the entire body. This further makes the heart healthy by pumping more blood to and from the heart to the other organs. The increase in the blood flow in the penile vessels helps in a prolonged erection as well. The perfect example of blood flow is that your face flushes right after consuming chilli pepper. You can see the difference.

Dietary spices like chilli pepper is also believed to be an excellent digestive stimulant if taken in an optimum manner. Digestion also has a lot to do with triggering sexual desire. Imagine when you have bloating, gas, acidity or you have overeaten. This not only turns you off but turns off your partner as well. Chilli pepper acts as a defence against the infections in the stomach helping digestive enzymes to work correctly. When you have a happy tummy, you need not worry about having a longer time in bed.

Risks of chilli pepper in the human body

Chilli pepper are safe to consume; however check your intake. It also causes stomach ache and sharp burning sensation from lips to stomach if taken more than required. If the condition worsens, consult a doctor immediately.

Chilli pepper also interferes with blood pressure and blood-thinning medication. So, aks your doctor if you are on any medication before going for chilli pepper.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP