It is a joke made often. The man crazy about flashy sports cars, or putting his name on high rise buildings, is supposed to be compensating for a small penis!

It is obviously reductive, and we must not even judge it for that, for it’s a joke. Well, it was just a joke. New research from UCL, London is aiming to change that. It has found a correlation! Not between the desire to buy a sports car and penis size, but between that desire and insecurity around penis size.

As far as the construction of the research goes, this one seems brutal. Participant men were sustainably made to feel insecure about their penis size and their desire to buy a sports car was evaluated. We are worried about the mental well-being of these men after the research. Have they been duly reassured? Can they be duly reassured?

Might the brands of fancy cars—say, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche et al—have this widespread male insecurity to thank, we wonder.

To make sure that they do not benefit from any unfair demand, we present again our size quiz. Based on a scientific study, it will help you index your size to that of other men. Within minutes.

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