A sexual health expert says that divorced men have higher chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction because of unsatisfactory sex lives. The study conducted by a London-based online clinic blames porn addiction and alcoholism to be the main reasons for single, divorced men to suffer from sexual performance issues.

The study highlighted how low self-esteem and lack of libido made divorced, single men feel sexual activity as 'more work' and negatively affected their sex lives. This made them focus on their strengths of engaging themselves at professional work or switching to another activity that doesn't require many efforts like watching TV.

Here we share some tips to reduce the negative impact of erectile dysfunction on your married life or relationship:

1) Be strong and brave:

Understand that you are not alone. Nowadays, many men suffer from sexual health issues due to underlying health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart-related ailments, depression, anxiety etc. If you have erectile dysfunction, it is time to consult your family doctor and understand how you can overcome the problem. Instead of worrying over what can go wrong, focus on how you can get ED treated with proper intervention and care.

2) Express yourself:

Hiding from your partner about what is bothering you at the physical and mental level is not going to help. Expressing your feelings, emotions and thoughts to your partner the way she is comfortable to understand the same, is what you have to look out for. Highly-sensitive women won't be able to take it easy if you directly show them your health reports. Similarly, practical women won't appreciate it if you don't speak to the point about your issues.

3) Convince your partner that there is always a solution:

Irrespective of how bad situations may seem to both of you due to anxiety about your family life and future in general, always take your partner in confidence that ED is not that a big issue. ED cannot come in the way of leading a healthy sex life if both the partners are willing to help each other to resolve their problems and believe in the process of mutual understanding.

4) Help yourself to help others:

There are ample of self-help books, articles and courses available online and offline. Taking the help of a marriage counsellor or relationship expert can also help you to learn the skills required to sustain a loving relationship with your partner.

Lastly, control your anger during fights, come up with win-win decisions, spread positivity and show a willingness to try again every time you fail in your attempts to woo your partner.

Lady, if you are reading this, let me tell you that divorce is not the solution always. Especially, if your partner is going through sexual health issues, empathy and emotional support is what is required from your side to ensure that your partner doesn't feel left out. A relationship works when both the partners are willing to focus on each other's strengths and overcome each other's weaknesses to lead a happy, healthy and productive life.

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