Self-driving cars are obviously one of technology's big promises, and while one can be sceptical about where the tech is at currently, there is no doubting the inevitability of driverless cars. It's that classic when and not question.

Most new disruptive technologies have some implications for sex early on in the lifecycle. And this one opens up a lot of prospects because 'sex in a car' is a bit of a recurring fantasy, and like a lot of fantasies much easier, well, fantasised than executed. However, with the driving responsibilities taken care of, and some incremental design improvements, the execution may not be too problematic any more.

Not to mention that with design improvements they could come in really handy for lovers looking for a bit of privacy. Oh, what do we have here? Significant loss of business for hotels across the board...

Ah, technology!

It is not just my strange musing, I was reassured after a Google Search. This study reported by NBC seems to have done a deeper dive into the curious intersection.

Of course there are more here and now questions around sex, so dropping my crystal  ball gazing to let you know that you could find answers to pretty much any sex question or problem--say, you just want better erections or want to last longer in bed--right here at!