Are you not able to get an erection? Are you able to get an erection at times, but not every time? Are you unable to achieve and maintain an erection enough to have sexual intercourse?

Well, read on to know if you have erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called as Impotence, is the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection (not even once) to have sexual intercourse. The causes for ED can be both physical and psychological. Symptoms that may occur along with erectile dysfunction include low libido, premature ejaculation and sexless relationship.

Due to little awareness and pessimist thinking, men who have erectile dysfunction have to go through much unnecessary drama in life. To prevent men from losing hope, here, we discuss five myths about erectile dysfunction:

1.     Myth # 1: Erectile dysfunction is a problem of aged men: Well, the fact is that erectile dysfunction can affect both young and aged men. Age-factor doesn't stop adult men from having sexual intercourse, but various underlying medical health conditions and psychological factors hamper the sex drive in men, thus causing erectile dysfunction.

2.     Myth # 2: Men with erectile dysfunction are not interested in sex: Honestly, this is utter rubbish. Men with erectile dysfunction also love to have a healthy sex life. It's just that specific physical health issues (high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological disorders) and mental health issues (stress, anxiety, depression, trauma) makes them wary, thus affecting their sex drive.

3.     Myth #3: Erectile dysfunction cannot be cured: As such, erectile dysfunction is not one problem to be cured but is associated with the overall health in men. Hence, a doctor/urologist/ sex therapist can figure out what is the primary issue that is leading to loss of sex drive and impotence in men and suggest medications and alternative therapies.

4.     Myth #4: Main cause of erectile dysfunction is the same for all men: Not really! The leading cause of erectile dysfunction varies from man to man. It cannot be identical because no health problem is the same for every person and no one size fits all! Instead of copying others or taking self-medication, the best person to be consulted is an experienced medical health professional who can help reverse the condition in the right manner.

5.     Myth # 5: Erectile dysfunction is only a man's problem: When it comes to men's and women's health, there is much stereotyping in society.

A man and a woman, although different in gender, but are humans. It would be appreciated if the wife/partner and the entire family extends positive support to men with erectile dysfunction so that the diagnosis and treatment become quicker and last longer.