Erectile dysfunction is a category given to myths, and some of these are mentioned below. The best way to avoid these is of course to just click here.

Myth #1

Erectile dysfunction is a sign that your partner is not attractive

While arousal is an integral part of the process of erection, not being able to get an erection is not a sign that a man’s partner is unattractive, nor is it necessarily a sign that a man is not interested in sex. Erection is a complex process and there are various aspects that could be responsible for not getting, or sustaining, one. Also, it could be the result of some deeper underlying issue, a disease, being on certain medication, lifestyle choices such as drinking or smoking.

Myth #2

Erectile dysfunction is a problem without solutions

Well, like a lot of medical conditions, a specialist can identify specific causes for a person’s erectile dysfunction and prescribe therapies for treatment. There are treatments that have been scientifically tested. However, it is best to take any medication for erectile dysfunction under expert supervision and not self-medicate or rely on unqualified practitioners. In fact, if seeking help, you can do it easily from wherever you are by clicking here.

Myth #3

Erectile dysfunction means one is not "man enough"

This one is just laughable. It is akin to looking at a person who has contracted, say, pneumonia, and saying, “were you not strong enough to fight the infection?’ Like all medical conditions, this is not a reflection of anybody’s ‘masculinity.

Myth #4

Erectile dysfunction happens because of excessive masturbation

This is much more moral science than science. The only way masturbation can be called excessive is if it gets in the way of routine, essential or important tasks such as attending classes, being punctual for work or doing errands on time. If accompanies by an addiction to porn, there may be implications for self-esteem et al, but that’s a distinct issue.

Myth #5

Erectile dysfunction is a sign of ageing

While it is true that the incidence of ED goes up if one were to analyse it across age brackets (more for older brackets), this is more because of the rise of other conditions like blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc. There is no reason for generally fit men at any age to get ED. In fact, nobody at any age should make their peace with ED without consulting a specialist.

There are too many myths around ED. False beliefs all around us. Therefore, we created this engine to help you find out scientifically sound answers to your questions about ED. You can just click here and answer some easy questions to understand it better!