Dear Men, we would like to remind you, time and again, not to overlook the interconnectedness of your body. Let’s get straight to it and consider the implications of essential consumption of food products, on the risk of getting as well as aggravating Erectile Dysfunction.

A plethora of articles on the internet offer information regarding what one must include in their diet, to maintain healthy and frequent erections. However, we have collated six sets of foods that one should NOT eat, unless, of course, you are OK with a limp penis when action beckons.

Numerous research techniques have found that it is not what one consumes, but how it is served and packaged, that leads to high chances of men being diagnosed with ED. Let’s begin with the list of food items that might be injurious for your erection.

1.    Meat: What? By this logic, all meat-eaters must be vulnerable to having ED. However, it is the constant, harmful processing of meat, containing high levels of saturated fat, that consequently cause complications for the slim arteries of the penis.

2.    Popcorn: Eaten in abundance, either at the movie theatre, at the beach, or in the privacy of your home, this mass-produced food item is not dangerous in itself, but is often doled out in bags laced with a harmful chemical, PFOA, which let’s say, is not erection-friendly. Now, we must not limit ourselves only to food and move towards liquids as well.

3.    Soda: Especially when flavoured by employing a dangerously high fructose-based, corn syrup additive, this drink is not recommended.

4.    Milk: Injection of artificial hormones into milk-producing animals, interlinks the drinking and eating of dairy-based products in an excessive manner, to a reduced sperm count.

5.    Alcohol: This article would not be wholesome without bringing to the forefront, the epitome of a fluid erection-killer and cockblocker. Need I say more?

6.    Mint: Volumes of Urology research has been successful in drawing parallels between mint and the minimisation of libido levels and testosterone hormones, in men.

If we were not clear already, we do not suggest actively staying away from all these food items, but to be wary of the fact that regulation is key for some great action in the bed.