Testosterone levels peak in early adulthood, and keep declining thereafter. The drop after age 40 is as much as 1% every year. A lot of men can function well even with low levels of testosterone but in a significant number, the decline leads to several signs of male ageing such as an increase in anxiety or stress, drop in muscle strength, sleep difficulties and decline in libido and overall sexual function. Also people who work out a lot may need to find ways to boost testosterone to assist in the muscle growth they are aspiring for.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh

A well established path to increase testosterone in the west is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), or similar processes such as specific testosterone pills, sprays or gels. It must be noted that methods that involve direct 'introduction' of testosterone in the bloodstream are linked to significant side effects including shrinkage of testicles and development of male breasts.

Therefore there is significant demand for testosterone boosters that boost the natural process of testosterone production. The most popular ingredients in such products, as you may have noticed on the back of packs of products you have seen is, Tribulus terristris. In India, we know this well by its common name, gokshura. It is a staple in the treatment of sexual health issues in Ayurveda. Similarly shilajit and safed musli, also feature in products available to boost testosterone. Other ingredients from traditional medicine systems that feature in stacks that promise to boost testosterone are ginseng, horny goat weed, tongkat ali, cordyceps and maca root.

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Misters Daily Josh

While ingredients such as these, from Ayurveda and other traditional systems, have provenance, the claims that brands which have products based on these are often outlandish and do not have enough scientific backing.

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