Straight to the point! Nobody talks about sex or how to masturbate in particular. Doing anything wrong is harmful while doing it the right way can be helpful. We can’t blame anyone as most of us have learned this ourselves during the process of giving ourselves pleasure.

An ultra-modern and busy life is ordinary today, that’s the way of living for most. The business has affected lives and many of our biological functions like sleep. It has hindered with sex life too in many ways. In this article, we are going to throw some bright light on this so-called dark topic to help you understand healthy and better ways of giving pleasure to yourself during masturbation.

Set the environment and your mood

Masturbating is practically having sex with yourself, and like the way you get into a mood with your partner, you have to get into your mood first before jumping straightway to the five-finger exercise.

Get into your cosy and private space where nobody can interrupt or have nothing to distract. You can dim the light or play some music to build that connection with your body for this sensual and satisfying journey ahead.

Don’t Rush!

You might want to quickly done with it but never rush to get to the end. Remember, the first thing is setting up the mood right and building the connection, but once you are ready, this is where the real fun begins! Taking it slow trains your body to last long.

Like you would have foreplayed with your partner, make some concentrated effort during masturbation too to get enough sensual attention. You can do that by touching other parts of the body which can be anywhere, and you know it better. You can explore areas around your thighs, stomach, chest etc.

The point is to spend time with yourself feeling and enjoying the touch. Give yourself that leisurely stroke in a way that each one of it gives you slow pleasure, and you get every bit of it. This intimate connection and bonding with your body can avoid premature ejaculation and any other potential sexual dysfunctions.

Enjoy the experiences your body have to offer

Whether you are touching yourself for the sensual attention or giving strokes, your body reacts to everything. Next time when you are doing it, pay attention to how your body reacts to what you are doing. What kind of thoughts pop up?

How different everything feels! How are you breathing? Where and what feels the best in terms of evoking your desire as well as the sexual tension! Explore these areas to learn the response of your body and manipulate them for the best experience you can have during healthy masturbation.

Take benefit of Edging Technique

You might be already aware of it; however, if you are not, it is one of the advised techniques by therapists across the globe. Give yourself strokes until you want to ejaculate, but the catch is—you have to stop before that happens and give yourself a 2-3 minute break to focus on other parts of your body.

You have to repeat this process a few times to train yourself for the delayed climax. This can help anyone who is suffering from premature ejaculation issues. Edging can give you a more intense orgasm and a longer pleasurable experience.

Get into the scene!

Picture yourself in your imagination, let those intimate thoughts of satisfying and pleasurable sex build up in your brain. Doing so, you will be able to train your brain. The mirror neurons that light up in our mind due to these thoughts can help you have a better sexual experience. We advise not to rely on porn for this because your imagination is the real thing that changes the game. You might find it challenging, but it is healthy and also the correct way you must adopt.


Try implementing the points mentioned above as a healthy practice; you will undoubtedly benefit from achieving the desired sexual stimulation during sex in general. You can also add extra fun by switching positions, hands, exploring new areas of your body, trying different strokes, or even using a toy. Wrong practices can lead to sexual dysfunction, and it is widely discussed as implications of masturbating. Remember doing it the right way is the only way to keep yourself happy, healthier, and your relationship with your partner flourishing.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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