The pill ushered in greater sexual freedom, of course, but the burden of making and executing contraception choices has overwhelmingly been on women.

Men have two options—the condom or vasectomy—and the latter is a much higher involvement decision than the popping of a pill.

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Therefore talk of a pill for men to prevent pregnancy always catches attention.

According to a new study presented at Endo 2022, the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, the pill reduces testosterone, without causing any unacceptable side effects.

DMAU and 11-MNTDC—the drugs administered—are of the category of progestogenic androgens, which reduce testosterone and therefore reduce sperm count.

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Now lower testosterone levels are associated with a whole host of unpleasant symptoms for men—such as trouble sleeping, loss of muscle strength and all round feeling meh—it seems that men in the study are happy to continue taking the medication.

Would you, dear reader, make a similar choice? Or shall we all request the scientists that they find a better method? It is an interesting choice, and while the need for a new male contraceptive method is quite clear, this method seems to have its challenges.

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We shall continue to watch the space, and keep you posted, of course.