Lasting longer in bed, sometimes also referred to as sex timing is something most men desire. Especially those who may have premature ejaculation (last less than 1 minute). If you want to last longer here are simple 20 ways you can do  this is not

  1. Pause-Squeeze

You can also practise this technique while masturbating. Just before you are about to ejaculate, stop, pull out and squeeze the tip of the penis for several seconds or till the urge to ejaculate passes. This technique requires some self control, so can be a bit difficult.

  1. Kegel Exercises

These exercises strengthen and help you stop ejaculating till the urge passes and helps you last longer. The best part of this exercise is that you can do it absolutely discretely - you can do it while seated in your office chair and no one would know. You need to clench and release your pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds, 15 times in one go. Do this 3-4 times a day regularly. Pelvic floor muscles are those that you use to try and stop peeing or farting.

  1. Reduce Thrust Frequency

It will be helpful if while having intercourse to go slow. Going fast brings high intensity pleasure making it difficult for you to control and also while going fast you might not be able to recognise and act on the signs that can tell that you are about to ejaculate. A smart way to do this is to use positions in which your partner is in control and you do not get an opportunity to lose control and go fast, eventually delaying ejaculation

  1. Try Different Positions

Not only will it add variety, while changing positions your excitement levels will go down during transitions prolonging ejaculation. You can also pack in some breaks by switching to some oral or hand play in between. This will also help your sensations in the penis go down and help you last longer.

  1. Foreplay

While you have already heard about foreplay a lot for the lady’s pleasure, you should also do it for your vested interests. Women take longer to get excited and orgasm, most men will not be able to last the entire time on intercourse only. So get some foreplay action in your gameplan - not only do women enjoy it more, you get a real chance to achieve synchronic orgasm.

  1. Edging

This means stopping before you reach ejaculation and cooling down before you start again. Do talk to your partner beforehand that you will be trying this. Overall your time will increase, as you will be taking breaks in between and eventually you will last longer. Am not a fan of this one as what you do during the breaks has to be exciting enough for your partner to consider that you lasted long enough.

  1. Release Before Sex

If you are not desperately trying to have a baby, masturbate before sex. Don’t do it hours before sex as your sex drive will reach its normal level again by then and immediately before sex might not let you have an erection. Find the optimal time for yourself. This will bring down the excitement levels during sex and definitely help you last longer.

  1. Sex toys - they also help men!

Use sex toys to practise techniques that can help you last longer and while having sex, and if you have a cooperative partner - masturbate with her and stop just before you are about to ejaculate. Alternatively, a different set of toys can be used to pleasure your partner, as result both come out satisfied. That is why you want to last longer, right?

  1. Take a deep breath

Or maybe many deep breaths, this help slow down your heart rate and reduce the excitement levels. Rapid heart beats are associated with ejaculation and reducing heart rate can delay the reflex to ejaculate.

  1. Meditation and Yoga

Ancient Indian wisdom of mind and body control helps you control your excitement and anxiety levels and also your muscles with a much higher degree of control. Practise these regularly and see a much better increase in your sexual timing. Being mindful will help you recognise you ejaculation triggers and then you are in a much better position to delay it.

  1. Food

Nutrient rich foods that help you relax are light and are rich in good fatty acids and minerals and L-arginine are best for this. You should consider watermelons, pineapples, almonds and chocolates among other things. Do consider your weight and sugar levels beforehand.

  1. Think about Virat Kohli

No, not on the bed, but on the pitch. The point is that thinking about something else and distancing yourself from the pleasure sensation can help you last longer. But be aware your partner might complain of you not being present…so play smart.

  1. Get Better Erections

Premature ejaculation can also be caused due to improper hardness, or due to the anxiety of going flaccid at any time. It is important to get and maintain proper erections, and be confident about getting erections. If you want some natural supplement to help with erections, you can try Misters Daily Bold

  1. Reduce Stress and anxiety

Premature ejaculation can be caused by hormonal imbalance. High stress, increasing age, inadequate sleep pattern and many other factors can lead to hormonal imbalance. It is best to get your hormones profiled and rule out issues that side.

  1. Build Stamina

Many times we ejaculate just because we don't have the energy or stamina to continue making love. So, build up that stamina - run, lift weight or whatever kind of exercise you like to increase your stamina. Reducing weight also brings about changes in hormones that help you last longer. Aim for 150 minutes of intense exercise in a week.

  1. Use Delay Condoms

There are many condoms available now that help you desensitise and last longer.

  1. Herbals

Ultimately whatever happens in our body happens through hormones and enzymes. Herbals are a great way to keep them in balance, without side effects. One great supplement combo, that is 100% natural, you use is Misters Daily Josh, it will help reduce stress hormones, boost testosterone and also help in better sleep and stronger muscles. Enhance Intimate Cream has clove oil and coconut that help in reducing sensitivity and L-Arginine that help in better erections. You can use this link to purchase with a 37% discount.

  1. Try Therapy

Sexual therapy is a good way to understand your body and its triggers. Therapy will also help you in deciding the best way to last longer.

  1. Weight and Sugars

Being overweight affects your sexual timing in two ways - it alters our hormonal composition and can lead to premature ejaculation, additionally it will put an extra strain on your stamina and make you tire before time and you might not be able to sustain longer. Sugars also affect overall deterioration of health condition leading to lesser than optimal time.

  1. Talk to your partner

Last, but not the least, talk to your partner. When your partner is with you in this effort to increase your sexual intercourse time it immediately takes away the anxiety. Additionally in the journey to understanding your triggers, your partner will be a crucial support

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