A brand that aims to improve men’s sexual, Misters has emerged as the leader on the basis of its understanding of the male experience, as well as its understanding of science. While continuing with the age-old Indian Ayurvedic system, it has also collaborated with international companies to bring scientifically tested herbal products, leading to a highly effective combination of herbal products.

How is it different?

It  will tell you the whole truth and suggest the best possible solution, even when that means sacrificing business. As integrity and customer wellbeing are the highest priorities, no false hope, no false guarantees.

Why is it different?
Misters is different, because the people behind it are different. As alumni of the IIMs, and celebrated entrepreneurs, they are the right team to bring about the startup revolution to the men's sexual wellness category.

Why should you choose Misters?

  1. You get the best herbal products from Ayurveda or modern science
  2. Best quality products, no adulteration, no side effects
  3. Specific products for specific issues - customised for you
  4. Be assured of privacy and dignity - get a great experience

Our Bestselling Products

  1. Daily Josh - contains Tesnor (™) - that has been clinically proven to improve testosterone production - Introduced in India by Misters
  2. Bold - contains Libiza (™) - clinically proven to improve blood circulation - introduced in India by Misters
  3. Ashwagandha Pro - Has highest potency of Ashwagandha in the market, made more effective with Shailajit and Gokshura
  4. Shilajit Pro - the best shilajit product in market and has scientifically validated doses of Ashwagandha for best results
  5. Safed Musli Pro - Has high dosage with validated doses of Shilajit and Gokshura for increased effectiveness.

Talk to our product experts to help choose the most efficient solution for your specific requirement or have a look at our products, or choose your products now.

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