As the week of valentine has just passed by and the singles got plenty of reasons to worry about but my dear handsome, trust us, your orgasm isn’t one. Well, well, you still can get it as the art of masturbation fills the shoes for the art of seduction. Wait; what? But haven’t we been under the notion that it is bad for our health for a long time? That is why we are here to bust the myths associated with masturbation.

Myth: You will be underperforming

Reality: On and often we hear from our near and dear ones that masturbation can spoil our sexual experience in the long run of time and affects our performance. However, the truth is far distant from this myth; in reality, there’s no limit to the times, one can have orgasms. The no. of orgasms completely depends on you and your body. In fact, it even doesn’t hamper the rate of semen production, as in a healthy man, the testicles are continuously producing semen. At the same time, the prostate is busy in making the seminal fluid.

Myth: You will get used to the vibrator or the toys

Reality: Ahem! Ahem! It’s almost like ‘ You shouldn’t use the fan as you will get used to it’. Well, I must say, this thought is as dumb as it sounds. Humans have distinct areas of stimulation, be it nipples, clitoris, inner thigh, clitoris or testicles. The vibrator just enhances the process of stimulation resulting in faster orgasm, but that doesn’t mean that you will get used to it. Your sensitive areas will definitely respond to all types of sensual touch.

Myth: It’s wrong to masturbate when committed

Reality: Masturbation is meant for - self-pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating during any stage of your life. A person does it for their pleasure; it is nowhere linked to you being committed or single. Both the type of sexual experience have a varying degree of excitement linked to each other. It is not appropriate to validate one kind while demeaning the other.

Myth: Hairs will grow on your palms, or you will become blind

Reality: Studies suggest that the majority of men have masturbated at least once in their life ( and those who don’t agree are probably lying), and none of them visibly became blind as we can see men around ourselves with a good vision and sense of direction. All these myths are raised by the people who for some reason, condemn masturbation (as they don’t know the fun associated with it).

There’s nothing in getting involved at solo sex, pleasure means pure pleasure, even if it’s coming from any source (obviously the legal ones). The society may pull you into a whirlpool of thoughts that it is bad for your health and other stereotypes related to it, but don’t fall for it. Succumbing to guilt and then torturing yourself with stupid ideas is not right for your mental health.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Myths associated with masturbation