One of the challenges of the decline in testosterone (levels of the 'male hormone' peak in early adulthood and steadily fall thereafter) is that in their 40s men start feeling that their best is behind them. This happens because the drop leads to decrease in muscle strength, greater frequency of aches and pains, increase in anxiety and stress, and indeed a decline in libido and overall sexual function.

This is the reason for the prevalence of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in the west, or other somewhat similar interventions such as the use of testosterone gels and capsules. These have significant side effects including, ironically, the development of male breasts, shrinkage of size of testicles and a drop in libido.

Therefore, we worked on Misters Daily Josh, which has Tesnor(TM), a proprietary herbal extract that boosts free testosterone levels naturally. It has been clinically tested for boosting free testosterone levels, which can be seen by users of the product in terms of improved sleep, stronger grip, and improved libido, all of which contribute to an improved sense of wellbeing.

It truly is the ideal product for men in their 40s and 50s, and a partner in your path to better ageing!

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