There are very few studies available on how things around us impact our sex life and our performance. Air pollution has been a significant problem and a threat to our planet. It is causing the global life-expectancy of humans to reduce besides killing millions of people every year.

Scientists are studying this now from different perspectives which have not been explored before, and as medical science evolves more, there will be better answers to our questions.

In the meanwhile, a recent study published on one of the medical journals claim that exposure to air pollution is no more just a threat to our lungs but also the genital.

A study was conducted on 40 rats who were exposed to pollution of different levels of particulate matter (PM) concentration. This test was conducted for a period of consecutive three months only to stun the researchers with its outcome.

Rats who were exposed to daily 4 hours and 6 hours of vehicle exhaust had inflammation and a significant decrease in total lung capacity. The most noticeable effect was the decreased level of Nitric-Oxide production. Why did we say it remarkable? Because Nitric Oxide is responsible for starting erection in men.

For the first time, studies have revealed such toxic effect pollution is capable of, in terms of damaging penile erection abilities.

This test was conducted in a controlled environment created in the lab; however, the real effect of the polluted environment that we live in is yet to be measured. If you think this is harmful to rats and cannot impact you as a man, you are wrong. Rats and mice are used as genetic models because of their similarity in biological and behavioural characteristics with humans. This study is just the beginning of discoveries related to the effects of pollution and different types of pollutants on public sexual health.


Other factors may be the cause of your ED, but pollution is mainly harmful to humans and anything that can trouble our sexual performance or cause Erectile Dysfunction should be strictly dealt with. You must stay away from it. If you are an urban man and you like city life, think again what pollution is capable of doing to you if you are exposed to it for longer hours.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Automobile exhaust is bad for the health of your genital