Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state in South India. Kannada is the local language spoken in the town, though, in the current times, most are well-versed with English and Hindi as well. A significant number of people can speak Tamil, Telugu, and other Indian languages, even though it may not be their regional language. Furthermore, there are migrants to this town who are from various cities and villages in India. Bangalore is known as the vast IT hub for the youth of all over India.

The city has undoubtedly established itself as a cosmopolitan city that offers a glimpse of the country, with its ability to welcome and live with members from any part of the globe. The things to do in Bangalore are- From shopping at Brigade Road & Commercial Street, Heading to Chikpet for Silk Sarees, Keeping Theatre Alive With Ranga Shankara to the 250-year-old garden of Lal Bagh.

Some more places and foods to visit and taste in Bangalore are- HAL Aerospace Museum, The Sprawling Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore Palace, The Electric M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Silicon Valley, Bangalore’s South Indian Food, Indian Classical Dance at Nrityagram Dance Village, The Impeccable Cubbon Park, Trendy Meals at Indiranagar. Also, the clubs, lounge, and nightlife is the main attraction for the youth.

Story of Ravi About Sex Organ Problem

Hey, I am Ravi. Bangalore is not my birthplace, but I was living here for the last ten years. My father was in the army, and we had to change the change based on his transfer. At last, we have settled here in Bangalore. The climate is comparatively suitable and neutral as compared to the other part of the country.

This is my story related to the treatment of my sex organ. As we know, people will hesitate while discussing these types of problems or initiation of any topics on sex or sex problems. Here, I am sharing my personal experience.

I work with one of the known IT companies as an Assistant Software Developer. Everything was going well, and I was almost busy with my working schedule. One day I realized that I was having trouble erecting my penis. I thought there must have been because of daily working and diet routine. I started paying attention to my diet and working pattern in the right way. One or two days, everything looked fine, after few days, again I started facing the same problem.

I got panic, and there is a sex problem in me that I couldn’t share anything openly with anyone because people will start making fun of me.

Still, I dared to talk with my maternal uncle. He suggests to me a doctor who is his friend. The doctor asked me for some medical tests. After a few checkups, the doctor said that-

“The veins of your penis have become weak.”

They suggest me to start treatment as soon as possible. When the doctor told me about the expense, I was completely shocked by the cost.

“They told me it would cost INR 65000 at the initial period of treatment.”

After it costs more as per the requirement, they are not confident about the guarantee and several medicines works or not, I asked them for the time of one or two days for thinking on this issue. I told the doctor that I will come back after thinking, give me one or two days.

It seemed everything had turned into a reversal. My brain was not working at all as I was settled and thinking of starting a family by getting married, but the new problem started, which is a severe issue. The thought about the problems is continuous in my mind. Despite not wanting, it resembled that even if I think of marrying a girl, it would be cheating.

How did I get to Know about The Clinic?

On continuos thinking, I decided to search online if any treatment is possible. I wrote in the search. ‘Online sex clinic,’ and one link comes at the top. I opened the link, the page gets opened, showing it is the best health website in India.

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Some questions were to be answered as soon as they clicked. I quickly answered the questions. I could not believe that all the questions were answered within the next 10-15 minutes, and all the information related to the treatment was also very well. Also, it was written there that-

“The doctor will connect with you personally.”

I started waiting for the same. A doctor’s call came within 10 minutes. I told them the whole problem. He asked me some more questions. The best thing was that I was not at all uncomfortable while talking to the doctor.

The cost of the treatment came to the fore was INR 3700 only, which is unbelievable.

The other is telling the INR 65000 without guarantee, and here, the complete guaranteed treatment is in significantly less cost.

From that, I ordered medicines at a very reasonable price. In a day or two, the medicine was delivered at home, and I started taking it.

“No one believes, but it is true. I felt that my problem disappeared in a few days.”

Friends, this is my story, if any of you are facing the same problem. Search for “Sex doctor in Bangalore,” then search for on your phone/ laptop before going anywhere. You will get the right treatment with a guaranteed and less cost than the other clinics and doctors who will advise a lot but will not promise the same.