While the point of the Talking Sex Podcast, and indeed of the Misters brand has been to have an honest, frank and innuendo-free conversation about sex, and men's view of sex, we realised that it has all been rather heteronormative. All straight, in other words. So it was about time to be not that straight.

And what a first conversation it was. Sparkling! With Aniruddha and Rahul, two young men talking about how Bollywood makes it harder, the challenges of coming out, the specificity of choices when you first have gay sex (top or bottom?) and how tech has been around for so much longer and has played a much bigger role in gay sex.

If there is one podcast you should listen to begin to understand the gay experience, this is it. Also, you must visit Aniruddha's brilliant website, theguysexual.com which is so well described as 'every gay man's pocketbook.'

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