According to a recent study in the journal Atherosclerosis, increased levels of serum testosterone provide protection against hypertension to men. The study conducted in Henan, China, and led by Zhenxing Mao, also suggests that this protection is hampered in obese men.

Generally the word testosterone in popular understanding is connected to questions of libido and sexual function, and to muscle mass, given the large number of testosterone boosters pitched to bodybuilders, and so this effect may seem a bit 'out there.'

As with a lot of studies in the emerging theme of testosterone, it must not be construed to mean that men with hypertension rush to find ways to boost testosterone. In fact, men with hypertension should consult their doctors on this theme.

The ageing male symptoms (AMS), a clinically studied and validated self-assessment has for long been used to index the effects of dropping testosterone level, with age, on factors as diverse as anxiety, stress, irritability, sleep and strength, and so the findings seem less surprising. You can take the self-assessment right here, and apart from finding out your scores, you will also get to index your experience on various parameters of ageing to that of other men. And it takes less than four minutes! So, you can do it right away!

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