This is an extremely interesting relationship. A special hormone, made by the brain, gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH) signals the testes to make more testosterone when needed, and this is essential for a healthy sperm count.

The most popular method for testosterone boosting in the west is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In this testosterone is introduced in the bloodstream through injections, gels or patches. An interesting implication of this method of boosting testosterone is that the GnRH signal to the testicles is that there is enough testosterone in the blood, and the production of testosterone is stopped! Therefore the levels in the testes might fall below those needed for healthy sperm count! It is, in other words, counterproductive.

The intended action of supplements, on the other hand, is that the mechanism of testosterone production is itself boosted. This means that the GnRH is not, "confused," and the level of testosterone in the testes itself goes up, and essential conditions for healthy sperm counts are met.

This is why Misters Daily Josh, with the proprietary herbal extract, Tesnor(TM), which is clinically proven to boost free and total testosterone, is a viable option for sexologists to consider as part of fertility interventions.

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