There are perhaps more podcast creators than podcast listeners in India today. So, when a podcast episode gets to a 1,000 listens within two weeks of publishing, it makes one take notice.

That is exactly what happened with this episode on our Talking Sex podcast.

A sign that the messaging that we are all familiar with, because we have seen it from the train window, or while being on the highway.

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The signs are inescapable, and yet most of us do not know where the signs point. For most it is a curiousity, and little else.

An apt metaphor for men's experience of sex itself. Most men struggle with some aspect of sex. Some have had an experience of say, not getting an erection when they need it. Some wonder whether they are able to satisfy their partner. And many of course worry about size. Most however do not turn to anyone to figure things out. It is this attribute that most men share that led to Misters!

There are answers to some of these recurring questions in the minds of men, and for others alternate paths. Taking this holistic, comprehensive sex quiz is a great start, for example. Try it. It is a good idea. Trust us. We are men. We know men. And we know that whatever it is that weighs you down when it comes to sex, you are not alone.

The Misters Man Quiz