We have been there. You and I. When there was a jar of jam, or pickles, or some such passed to us, for it required some brawn. It is only fair that even in our gender-equal households some matters of brawn are ours to figure. We have managed to open it, but of late have noticed it is more of a struggle.

Well, that trend worried me (am I soon going to be unable to open that jar?) till I realised that grip strength invariably comes down with age because of a decline in testosterone. And given that testosterone levels peak in early adulthood, this struggle is rather along expected lines in the forties.

This is why we got a lot of grip strength tests done for Tesnor(TM), which is the key ingredient in Misters Daily Josh. Here is what the data shows. After seven days of usage handgrip strength increased by 1%, after 14 days, it went up by 2%, after 28 days, it went up by 4%, and after 56 days 6%.

Well, bring me another jar of jam, I say!