Most news on the sexual wellness of men has been about things decreasing.

Sperm count is supposed to have come down, as CNN reported findings of a study in November, 2022. This was based on a study of studies published in the journal Human Reproduction Update.

There has been a related worry about the drop in testosterone levels in men over generations. Popular news anchors have even gone on to suggest—not necessarily with evidence—that woke culture might be the reason behind this, as men aren’t, well, as ‘men’ as they used to be.

With all this alarm, some founded and some unfounded, it came as a bit of a surprise that penis size may have actually grown over the last 30 years!

Looking at such data it is important—first and foremost—to figure the legitimacy of this research. Published by researchers from Stanford (along with some from Italian universities), and published in The World Journal of Men’s Health, the study seems to inspire enough confidence.

At nearly 25%, the reported increase is quite substantial too. Spectacular even, some might say. It’s enough, we think, to not start celebrating till we figure out why it has happened.

Suggestions have floated around that it may be due to chemical reasons, including greater exposure to pesticides. If that’s indeed so then obviously there isn’t much to celebrate.

This discussion also seems to set up our call to all our dear readers that they should not be anxious about their penis size, no matter what the size is. We have this quick self-assessment that you must take if you are even a little bit anxious about penis size.

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