We know it as the 'male hormone,' and indeed that's a fair description. However, due to literary flourishes in (absolutely justified) critiques of the behaviour of some men, it has increasingly come to be associated with some men, it has come to stand in for 'hyper-male' behaviour. And then there have been the various testosterone boosters that are targeted at bodybuilders to get visible muscles all over.

Well, it is not that.

Free testosterone peaks in early adulthood and declines steadily thereafter. The drop among men in their forties is around 1% every year. Low levels of testosterone have been linked to various challenges of everyday life such as anxiety, stress, irritability, sleep, and indeed sexual function. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), and proxies thereof such as testosterone patches and gels come with more than their fair share of side effects.

Therefore we formulated Misters Daily Josh, with Tesnor, a proprietary herbal extract that is clinically proven to boost free testosterone.

That's the quick summary but we offer you here two options, you can buy the Misters Daily Josh product and see the effects for yourself, or just take this self-assessment that will help you index your ageing experience to that of other men who have taken the quiz. Both are mighty fine options, we reckon.

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