This is not a trivial project.

People around us, over several generations, have made an awkward word to say. Therefore, we smirk when we see this question.

The penis is a part of the body. We should be able to say the word.

For the sake of argument, if the question were to be changed to, say, "what is the nose called in your area", or, "what is the ear called in your language?", we would not feel awkward, right? Nor would we, if that were the question quickly look over our shoulder to make sure that nobody is going to see that word on our screens.

But when it is the word, 'penis', we do all of that.


See, you did it again!

So, let's begin...

Here are some words that we can think of:

Four in English





Two in Hindi

Ling (लिंग)

Lund (लंड)

One in Kannada

Śiśna (ಶಿಶ್ನ)

One in Urdu

Qadib (قلم)

One in Hebrew

Phallus (פין)

Are you ready to contribute to this penis project? Add the proper word for it, add the slang for it. It is all fair game. Each of these words needs to be said.