That sense you get sometimes, that you are not as strong as you used to be, it is not entirely in your head. Muscle strength is lost as you age. It is strongly linked to a decline in testosterone, which peaks in early adulthood and declines regularly thereafter. While the decline is small in any given year, by the time you are in your forties it all adds up, and you may feel a distinct loss of strength.

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One of the outcomes of lower testosterone, going by the clinically tested Ageing Male Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire is that you may have more difficulty falling asleep, and also your need for sleep to function properly the next day goes up. So the nights you went without sleep when you were younger (the all-nighter to swing an exam, or the night out drinking) comes with greater cost than it used to.

The Ideal Product for Men in their 40's


"You used to be so much more fun," old friends or lovers may have implied or said outright. Notice yourself getting worked up about things that you could let go easily when you were younger? Yes, irritability is also one of the symptoms in the Ageing Male Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire, that is correlated with the decline in testosterone.

The Ideal Product for Men in their 40's

Stress and anxiety

Similar story as irritability. Often we assume that the reason for more stress or anxiety is that the current issues we experience are bigger. However, the significance of issues is relative. Finding a path to a promotion at work matters now, but so did passing an exam that's tomorrow and you have not studied for at all when you were younger. If challenges create more stress and anxiety now, there is something more to think about. Testosterone, as the male hormone, prepared you to take those on, and now it has declined so that might explain at least part of what is happening.

The Ideal Product for Men in their 40's

The midlife crisis

That trope of men in their 40s buying shiny things (bikes and cars and such) is a trope for a reason. Nobody likes it when they know they are past their prime, and an assertion that you are not (look at this shiny thing I just got) is often a response. That feeling of being past your prime correlates strongly with a decline in testosterone.

The Ideal Product for Men in their 40's

Sex, of course

Kept sex for the last, because men instinctively connect the desire they feel, and their sexual prowess with their own idea of being a man. Yet, it is a fact that after an age sexual desire is a decision. You do not feel it as strongly as you used to. Same for erections. They do not happen as 'obviously' as they used to. Both of those experiences are linked to the decline in testosterone.

The Ideal Product for Men in their 40's

What does one do about testosterone then?

In the west, men in their forties and fifties often turn to testosterone replacement therapy. This involves an introduction of testosterone in the blood via injections, gels or patches, and because of that mechanism it comes with some serious side effects. Therefore best to approach this path with a lot of caution. The other option is to consider supplements that boost the natural mechanism of testosterone production. Even better if there is a herbal extract which boosts the mechanism, for obvious reasons.

The Ideal Product for Men in their 40's

And so, Misters Daily Josh

Formulated with Tesnor(TM), a herbal extract clinically tested to boost testosterone, Misters Daily Josh is the ideal daily supplement for men. You should try it. And in case you want to index your own experience of ageing, you can do so in this easy self-assessment based on the Ageing Male Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire that we have referred to.

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