Surprising right? Or is it really? Women have always played an instrumental role in maintaining relationships and providing men with both confidence and assistance regarding their dreams, overall health and well being.

Sexual dysfunctions among men are more common than we think and often underestimated and undervalued. It is safe to assume that conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and other erection issues do not affect men alone. They often have rippling effects and consequences.

This is exactly why a new survey by Pfizer Upjohn is indispensable in the holistic understanding of the personal problems men are plagued with when it comes to their intimate anatomy. It included 1,042 men and women. Not only this, an entire team of urologists, sexologists, andrologists and medical practitioners were employed to make sure the results were informed by an expert opinion.

Alarming statistics discovered that about 30% of men below the age of 40 and 20% across varied age groups experienced problems whilst obtaining and maintaining erections.

Another set of data showed that 53% of men among the sample were unaware about Erectile Dysfunction or ED, but 78% of women were. When asked, the contributors to ED were labelled as stress, by 35% of men and 47% of women; and advancing age by 75% of men and 66% of women, respectively.

If you are wondering how having ED and other sexual dysfunctions impact relationships, there’s research for that too. About 56% of men were found wanting to discuss their condition and share it with their partner at the time, attempting to mend their bond. Only 28% of women were alright with considering separation from their partners only if the men refused to undergo corrective measures for their condition.

Technically, this is good news all around. This clearly shows that conversation around sexual issues and problems can statistically improve the situations of couples and companions. Women are also taking problems that affect their lives into their own hands by being vocal. As high as 82% of women said that they would prefer if their partners see a medical professional and rely on treatment rather than unsolicited advice from friends and options such as home remedies.

So Misters, you now know what to do if you have a sexual issue and you wish to keep your girl happy. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You might also want to give this a try once you consult your doctor!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP