A majority of men suffer from problems in their sex life, including maintaining or getting an erection in bed; it cannot purely signify a medical malady. However, at some point in their adult life, men do become at loggerheads with the medical condition of ED.

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An erection is a combined bundle of muscles that involves the brain, nerves, hormones, muscles, and circulatory system. These elements work in unison to awaken erectile tissue in the penis with the help of blood.
If a man is suffering from ED, the anxiety surrounding sexual performance in bed, or getting an erection to display his sexual prowess runs through the mind.

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It might be embarrassing for some to admit having ED. Still, it is more harmful to live in the dark about it, leaving the condition untreated. ED is starting to affect the male population that falls in the 20 and 30 years category. An indicator that more severe health risks are to follow and are prevalent in a younger population.

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The exact cause of ED is yet to be determined. Still, it hovers around lifestyle changes, psychological and neurological issues. ED can also occur because certain medications begin having an adverse effect on your health. What exactly ails men that they are unable to reach a sexual crescendo or even maintain an erection?

Usually, when an older man has issues in getting or maintaining an erection, it is indicative of a physical issue. However, for men in the age range of 20 -30 years, ED could be a psychological issue too.

It often boils down to performance anxiety. In the case of some young males, just the idea, or we may say the pressure of performing well in bed is overwhelming. Even if performance jitters are temporary, if left unchecked, they gradually turn into ED. It is like a vicious cycle. The more deeply you think, the more problematic it gets. Men need to work on stress reduction when it comes to sex.

Depression is also a growing cause of ED in the younger male population. Depression affects a man’s desire to have sex or even have a persistent libido. Usually, the more severe the depression, the lower the libido. Even the usage of a condom has known to cause stress in men.

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Visiting a doctor and having an honest chat with them is highly recommended to help you obtain a correct diagnosis and treatment. The doctor may ask for a detailed physical and psychological history. They may also ask for slabs – physical exams – a testosterone test. Speak up, get help. It will get better.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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