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All men have already experienced an episode of sexual breakdown and this is normal; we cannot always be in shape and constantly performing. However, how do you differentiate a transient problem from sexual disorders?

Sexuality is a complex phenomenon at different levels, influenced by a series of factors. If you experience repeated sexual breakdowns, know that it is a difficult time of life. The good news is that these problems can be solved by seeing a specialist sexual doctor or visiting a sex clinic in Gurgaon. More particularly, a sexologist in Gurgaon who, because of his training and his experience on the subject, will be able to find with you the most suitable solution, whether it is medicinal or not.

We promise not to judge you if you are curious about what is going on!

Sex problems addressed at Gurgaon sex hospital
  • Premature or rapid ejaculation
  • Erection problems
  • Pre-orgasmia (problem reaching orgasm)
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Low or Lack of Sexual Desire
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD/STV)

A sexologist and sex hospital in the heart of Gurgaon

Sexuality fascinates, intrigues, and raises a lot of questions, sometimes even concerns. Most men, however, believe that ayurvedic sex doctors are less accessible. They assume that sex health clinics in Gurgaon charge high consultation fees and may not be safe.

Our sex hospital in Gurgaon is here to break that myth. So, if you have any problems related to your sex life or are seeking sex treatment, a sexologist may be the best person to help you.

Who is the sex clinic in Gurgaon for?

The sex health clinic in Gurgaon is aimed at the entire population, while having a reinforced approach towards different audiences with specific needs, that is to say:

  • young people seeking sex treatment
  • middle aged men experiencing low sex desire
  • people exposed to sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • men, of all age, seeking for a more fulfilling sex life
Name:Misters Ayurvedic Sex Clinic
Address:1st Floor, Shop no. 13-14, Goshala Market, Opposite Bus, Gurgaon - 122001
Phone No.:1800-121-9555

Is it safe and reliable to visit a sex hospital in Gurgaon?

It’s normal to feel embarrassed about visiting a sex clinic nearby. But you’ll be surprised to know that many men, like you, are facing various sex problems. At our sex clinic in Gurgaon, we have a constant inflow of men who want to consult expert doctors or sexologists for their issues.

Having your first consultation with a sexologist in Gurgaon can be intimidating or awkward, and it's normal to wonder how your visit to a sex hospital in Gurgaon is going to turn out. However, a consultation with a sexual doctor is very similar to the experience of visiting your regular doctor or physician.

Thanks to his experience and expertise, the sexologist at our sex clinic in Gurgaon will give you confidence so that you can best express the disorders you encounter, while respecting your privacy. In fact, our Ayurvedic sexual doctors know how to manage the fears and awkwardness of their patients, and know how to put them at ease. We have the best sexologists in India and this is another reason we are among the best sex clinics in Gurgaon.

What to expect from a consultation with a sexologist in Gurgaon?

The challenge when visiting a specialised sexual doctor at our Gurgaon sex hospital will be first of all to put words on your problem, in order to be able to determine whether it is physiological or psychological. This classification will determine the procedure to adopt for your sex treatment.

The sexual doctor will be able to prescribe medication or therapy of varying length, or combination of both. Even if the subject of sexuality remains extremely taboo in India, know that a sexologist in Gurgaon will not judge you.

Making appointments at our Sex Hospital in Gurgaon

Each new client is assigned an appointment for an assessment visit during which few of the best ayurvedic doctors/sexologists in India conduct a thorough analysis of the problem. When additional medical evaluations are required, clients are referred to consultants affiliated with the clinic.

If it turns out that one of the sex treatments offered by our service is indicated, we recommend it to the client. If not, sexologist at our clinic in Gurgaon will determine whether there is reason to recommend other types of treatment.

What services does the sex clinic in Gurgaon offer?

At our Gurgaon sex hospital, we offer walk-in consultations, in particular for screening, diagnosis and solutions of all sexual disorders and problems. Our sexologists in Gurgaon offer a wide variety of treatment and consultation services for sexual problems, and the management of genital pain (pain during sex).

How to find and choose the best sexologist in India?

The main obstacle to visiting a sex hospital in Gurgaon is the limited number of expert sexologists in the city. This makes their access limited. In addition to it, the second criterion of choice is the reputation of the sex hospital in Gurgaon and therefore the skills.

If you want to find the top sex clinic near you, it becomes difficult as experience and expertise of sexual doctors is not mentioned. At our sex clinic in Gurgaon, our Ayurvedic sexologists offer a personalized multidisciplinary treatment course to give each man the chance to find a medical response specifically adapted to his erection problem. From diagnosis to follow-up, patients are supported by our team of specialized Ayurvedic sexual doctors, according to their pathology and their particular needs.


Sexologist and sex therapists, are they the same?

What is the difference between a sex therapist and a sexologist in Gurgaon? We are well aware of the role of the gynaecologist, who follows and treats pathologies related to the female genital system, but what about these two sex specialists?

Who is a sex therapist?

The sex therapist is not a sexual doctor. His role is more of a counselor or a psychologist than a healer of sexual illnesses. In fact, he is not authorized to prescribe drugs or medical procedures.

If you are seeing a sex therapist, it is best to make sure that your sexual problem does not have physical causes, only psychological ones. The sex therapist will then act by focusing on the sexuality of his patient, alone or with his partner. He will seek to understand the psychological factors behind your sexual difficulties in order to treat them.

Who is a sexologist?

A sexologist is a trained doctor who has completed an additional 3-year course specializing in sexuality. The sexologists in Gurgaon sex hospital are empowered to prescribe medication and medical procedures. They can also perform surgery when necessary.

Sexual doctors are concerned with sexual and therefore physiological diseases, unlike the sex therapist who, for his part, only treats the psychological aspect of the sexual disorder. The sexologist in Gurgaon is a doctor, but he can also undertake therapy with his patients.

Thus, a sexologist is more qualified than the sex therapist and will know how to identify and treat sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Why should one consult or visit a sexologist in Gurgaon?

Sexuality remains a difficult subject to tackle for those who are not trained in it. Since sexology is little taught during medical studies, the knowledge in this area for most physicians or doctors is often more personal than professional. Just like patients, many doctors are also all steeped in moral principles passed down through our family, society, and religion, which are rather restrictive and hinder them from speaking openly and freely. Hence, it is not easy for all doctors to tackle this subject which quickly becomes uncomfortable when it poses a problem.

This answers the question of ‘why should you visit a sexologist?’ and not any other doctor.

Certain sexual problems like difficulty in erection, lack of sexual desire, can be temporary and linked to fatigue or emotional stress. On the other hand, when a difficulty sets in and lasts several weeks or months, consulting sexual doctors can help resolve the problem before it becomes chronic.

When should one consult a sexologist in Gurgaon?

Sexual health problems can be temporary in nature. It is normal to wait for 2-3 weeks before you can consult a sexologist in Gurgaon. However, if your problem is persistent, an early diagnosis at a sex hospital in Gurgaon can help you find faster solutions to it.

You can consult at the sex clinic in Gurgaon at any age, from 18 and above.

Sex treatment consultations are dedicated to Functional problems such as disorders of desire, erection, premature or too late ejaculation, absence of pleasure or orgasm, blockage - an area in which visit to a sex hospital in Gurgaon can be of great help.

Diseases or drugs: Health problems can be at the origin of a sexual difficulty and also lead to consultation at a sex clinic in Gurgaon, in particular chronic diseases, cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, inflammatory, or even diabetes, prostate or gynaecological disorders and certain cancers. And the diseases themselves are not the only cause. Treatments for these chronic diseases can also cause side effects with regard to sexuality. A consultation with sexologist in Gurgaon can make it possible to take stock and guide them towards solutions.

Couple problems: Certain sexual difficulties have their origin in a tension between couple sometimes old or sometimes linked to more recent events. Sexologists in Gurgaon are used to working on these couple relationships and some sexologists are even specialized in couple therapy.

Personal difficulties or trauma: A history of sexual assault or rape, maltreated childhood etc. Such traumatic events can have harmful sexual consequences. Sexual doctors at Sex hospital in Gurgaon are able to help a person with a difficult history to heal their traumas having a sexual impact.

What type of cases do sexologists treat?

Sexuality is a mix of psychology and physiology. And hence the profession of a sexologist is multidisciplinary. Whether it is erection problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or pain during ejaculation, you can visit the sex clinic in Gurgaon for a solution. If you are facing a lack of sex drive, or stress is affecting your ability to enjoy intimacy with your partner, consulting a sexologist or ayurvedic doctor in a sex hospital in Gurgaon is recommended.

The Gurgaon sex hospital offers specialized assessment and treatment services to adults with challenging sexual behaviors causing significant distress.

What is the basic consultation fee charged by sexologists?

The charges or fee of a sexologist will depend on the city or region the sex hospital is located. The consultation fee for sexual doctors at a sex clinic in Gurgaon can cost around INR300 and lasts between 30 to 40 minutes.

Why should couples visit sex clinic in Gurgaon?

If you prefer to be alone to see a sexologist in Gurgaon during the first consultation, this is quite possible. But it is good that the partner is involved at one time or another in the sex treatment, because her opinion on the sexual and emotional life of the couple, her involvement and her support are very important for a lasting positive result.

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