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Erection Solution (3 months)

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This solution contains ayurvedic (herbal) supplements at efficacious and safe doses for better erections and keep you vitalised.

1 monthEMI starts at 164/mo
2 monthsEMI starts at 329/mo
3 monthsEMI starts at 494/mo

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Scientific medicines
Josh for Men (30 Capsules) x 3 Shilajit Pro for Men x 3
Bold for Men (30 Capsules) x 3 Enhance for Men x 3
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Free Doctor Consultation
Free Doctor Consultation
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Improves Strength

Shilajit, an abundant source of fulvic acid, boosts testosterone and improves strength.

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Reduces stress

Ashwagandha is known to help reduce stress and anxiety, one of the key causes of erectile dysfunction.

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Builds Stamina

Gokshura helps in building stamina.

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Improves sexual wellness

The solution ensures all key ingredients are delivered in their scientifically established therapeutic windows.


Natural & Effective Ingredients

Misters does an extensive clinical research and maintains a very high quality.

  • ProductIngredients Icon 1Scientific and natural
  • ProductIngredients Icon 2GMP certified
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How to use for best results

Josh for Men (30 Capsules)
Josh for Men (30 Capsules)

1 capsule after breakfast Shilajit Pro for Men Shilajit Pro for Men

1 capsule after dinner

Bold for Men (30 Capsules)
Bold for Men (30 Capsules)

1 capsule after dinner Enhance for Men Enhance for Men

Apply 2 times in a day

Why Misters

Scientific products
Scientific products
Discreet doorstep delivery
Discreet doorstep delivery
Full privacy guaranteed
Full privacy guaranteed
Trusted by over 30,000 Indian Men
Trusted by over 30,000 Indian Men
Backed by leading doctors
Backed by leading doctors


What is erectile dysfunction or ED?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a person is not able to get or maintain an erection. There are many physiological and psychological factors that contribute to the condition, but majorly it is due to poor blood flow to the penile muscle.

How effective is Misters Erection Kit for the condition?

Misters Erection kit is a pack of misters aturvedic suppklemet that has been formulated after doing intense scientific literature research. It features many clinically validated ingredients for erection function, thus making it efficacious.

I don\'t have ED, Can I still take Misters Erection kit?

Yes! Althought Misters erection Kit is formulated to help manage erectile dysfuntion; it has products that has been formulated to be at safe and efficacious dose, promoting a satifying love life.

Is Misters Erection Kit safe to consume?

Yes! Misters Erection Kit is made with highest quality ingredient at a GMP certified facility. The package is put together inteligently to deliver each herb at an optimum and safe dosage.

Are there any side effects assocviated with misters erection kit?

There is no known side effects associated with this kit, but hvaing herbal supplement can cause allergic reactions in some indivisuals. If you have any allergies please talk to our doctors before buying.

How long does it take to see results?

All the products in Misters Erection Kit are ayuvedic. Ayurveda takes time but helps holistically. This pack should be taken for atleast 2-3 month for optimum benefit.



Based on 8 reviews