So finally, as the GOTians quote, ‘ The winter is here.’ The freezing weather runs a chill down our spine and amidst this who does not love to crawl inside their quilt in the embrace of their partner. Winters are just the perfect season to sip on your coffee and getting cozy with your beloved. For the same, Misters is here to help you keep up the winter game.

Foreplay is the key

The fun does not lie in the destination but the process. Don’t overlook the most important part before the act. Foreplay does not only get her into the mood but also adds passion to sex. Discover her seducing spots. Get over the usual zone like lips and breasts and explore new territories like nape, naval, inner thighs, etc.

Spice it up with the roleplay

Everyone loves change. It adds a twist to the usual daily routine with a sparkle of excitement. Costume plays are an excellent option for the same. A little drama and action will not only add fun in the act but will also enhance the passion quotient in the act. So, hop in the wagon and claim what’s yours.

Are you going down?

Explore her pleasure point. She might not tell you directly (because of patriarchy), but she loves when you feel her with your tongue. This will enhance the intensity of the act and will keep her involved actively.

Talk about her day

Now coming to one of the crucial aspects is to establish an emotional connection with your woman. Generally, for a woman, sex is more about emotional connect rather than just a physical activity. So try to link up a bridge between her emotion and that of yours. Ask about her daily affair, work, things going on in personal life, etc.

Cuddle you way

After a passionate session, a woman loves to snuggle in their partner’s embrace and take a good night’s sleep. Hold her close and make her feel loved. This sense of closeness instills a sense of protectiveness among women, which gives them a comfortable feeling about their partner.

These are just a few ways through which you can get into the heart of your beloved. The above-suggested ways are a sure shot way to establish a close relationship with her, but if something works more efficiently, then it is a personalized gesture. The taste of lovemaking differs from individual to individual. Find yours and keep making love.