As Mr. Narayan Murthy puts it, 70 hours work in a week is what youngsters should put in to be successful. The statement has drawn a lot of attention and both sides have a sizable support. But, if you are someone who decides to put in 70 or even more, like the people in Daman and Diu, who work for 78 hours a week - the question is what happens to you as a person, how your personal life gets affected, how your sexual health gets affected and what can be done to take all these in your stride.

What happens when you work for 70 Hours a week?

  1. Assuming you are working 7 days a week, you are roughly putting in 10 hours a day - on all days, without a break.
  2. If you are disciplined away from work also then you should be getting 6 hours of sleep.
  3. That still leaves you with 8 hours to complete your daily activities, the daily commute, socialising, watch shorts and perhaps exercise.

Seems doable…


Usually, people tend to put in the work with all the diligence, while off work, the rhythm tends to go out of balance.

Consider this, the average screen time in adults is around 4-4.5 hours per day!! So now all you can do is go to your bathroom and fill your stomach as there is no time left for anything else - and this assuming you pull 70 hours a week, by working all seven days - if you take a week off then you will have to dedicate roughly 2 more hours everyday to work.

Even if you have managed to keep the screen monster at bay - friends, family, partying, commuting or just plain laziness can take away the time required to take care of yourself.

Long work hours and sexual health

Sexual health is not impervious to your overall health. If you have elevated cortisol levels, low testosterone levels, high blood sugar or just not feeling perky - you will have a difficult time in finding the desire to have sex or sustain the interest in it.

Now, if you are basically following a schedule that only respects the time to work - you are inviting a lot of trouble. Here is why:

  1. High Cortisol:

As you are going through long work hours, you will have extended durations of high cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone that helps us get in the action mode and is also responsible for anxiety, stress and the related bad stuff.

  1. Sleep Deprivation:

Unless you are very careful, sleep is usually the first casualty of long work hours. Lack of rest dampens every aspect of body functioning. If you are younger, this may not seem like a problem now but it is eating away at your immune system, disturbing your hormonal balance as the circadian rhythm is required for the hormones to be balanced.

  1. No Exercise:

If you are getting 3-4 days of exercise in a week - you are not only increasing the chances to develop obesity, diabetes and cardiac issues in future - you are making it difficult for your body to give you the necessary hormones.

The above three factors are enough to affect your overall health and also your sexual health.

Usually, the age to work extra hard is also the age to forge and nurture relationships with your life partner. Having an impaired sexual health can take away a significant portion of your personal charisma, confidence and the desire to make it happen. So it is important to take care that health is not sacrificed for the sake of work.

So, 70 hours a week should not be done…?

Well, I don't think so - siding with Mr. Murthy here - you will need to put in the 70 hour work to get to the top. Getting on the top need not come at the cost of health and family. It requires a little more discipline to maintain the balance between work and life and a lot more can be achieved in life.

So I would like to tell you how to go about it so that you can take all this stress in your stride.

  1. Sleep:

This is the most important aspect of your day - you are supposed to spend around 30% of your time in a day for just this activity. Take care to take a minimum of 6-7 hours of good quality, undisturbed sleep every day.

The best way to sleep better is to ditch that mobile an hour before bed time. Take a good book to bed. Not only will it help you sleep, it will also improve your knowledge and thought process.

You can also try to listen to ‘sleep music’ to help relax and put you in deep sleep.

Sleep quality is affected by stress and if you are in a high stress patch, try and take Ashwagandha supplements to help you get better sleep. You can read more about Ashwagandha here

  1. Meditate:

15 minutes is all you need to practise this great tool that has been proven to be better than most medications to handle stress. It should be the first thing you should do when you wake up. It will help to give you the peace required before the grind starts and control tension and stress leading to reduced cortisol levels. You will also practise to view things from a detached perspective, organise your thoughts better and let you make better decisions.

If you want to practise meditation, you can start with this video Discovering Serenity: A Meditation Practice

  1. Exercise:

Exercising releases endorphins that help to alleviate mood, reduce stress and also helps to boost testosterone - the sex hormone for men. While helping get your hormones in the right balance its main function is to get that heart pumping and build your stamina. With stronger muscles and stamina, you will not only have better erections but will also be able to last longer.

You can follow this video to know about the yoga asanas that will help you improve your sex life

  1. Socialise:

Meet people who are not related to your work. Do this, at least once a month. This will not only help you destress but will add to broaden your perspective

  1. Eat Better:

Take care to plan your meals. Include vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids to improve your health. You can get some idea on what to eat on this blog

  1. Supplements:

Supplements are also a good option for getting things in balance. They can help you get the required dosage accurately and daily without hassles. In order to reduce the stress and improve libido you can try Misters Daily Josh, which is a 100% natural product and can help you get better sleep, reduce stress, improve muscle strength, boost libido and help you feel more energetic throughout the day. You can purchase it here

Finally, as the soldiers say - mind is stronger than the body. So ensuring that your mind is in the best health is the best way to ensure you don't get tired of working. Give your mind the right conditions with breaks, meeting people, exercising, sleeping and having sex to have a sustained super productive 70 hour work week.

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