At Misters, we obviously see a lot of men coming up with the question of size. Often, measurement is the answer, because most men who are concerned have no real reason to be worried about anything.
So, ahead of the reassuring fact that penis size does not seem to matter as far as pleasure of the partner goes, is the fact that most men worrying about size have no reason, statistically speaking, to be worried about it.

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Why are so many men worried about it then?

Well, most likely because conversations about sex and such among men are not really conversations but an exchange of exaggerations. It might be a memory from college when that guy in class who constantly talked about his sexual prowess, mentioned in passing that his erect penis is more than nine inches. Two things about such memories: one, that guy was lying, and two, surely you are not indexing other things in life to data points acquired casually in college, so good idea to not index this as well to what you heard back then. Better instead to take this quiz to do the indexing, as it is based on scientific research.

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Can something be done about penis size?

Well, there are no non-surgical methods that are proven to increase size. The real problem is that there are a lot of people out there who will tell you that have a method--a pill or an oil--that does just that. To put it diplomatically, they are lying. Yes, quite like the college friend who claimed that his is nine inches. Except that they are lying for a more obvious reason. To trick you into selling something. Do not buy what they are trying to sell. If you are analytically inclined, and want to find paths to improving your sexual performance or wellness, a great starting point is this scientifically designed quiz that helps you determine how you are doing, and what might be useful. And it takes less than six minutes to complete.

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