Alcohol has become a crucial part of our lives. Gone are the days when people used to drink only at parties or social gatherings. A typical weekend for most of us would be going to a pub. Casual meetings, weddings, office parties have also embraced alcohol.

Many couples prefer drinking together before having sex. It helps them shed their inhibition and ends up making the make-out session steamy. But is alcohol improving your sex life? Is it that easy? I am afraid I'll have to say no to that.

In fact, it increases your blood-alcohol levels and even ruins the mood, decreases your libido, block orgasms. Not so nice, right? So is drinking a peg or two that harmful?  Definitely not. Two drinks are the maximum a man should consume a day according to the U.S Centers For Disease Control And Prevention. For women, it is one drink a day. Anything more than this is harmful.

The side-effects might not show up in a day. Gradually, the body starts to succumb, and your libido starts going down. Many researchers have been able to establish that heavy drinking might lead to Erectile Dysfunction(ED).

Most of us who drink know that consuming alcohol increases our thirst for water. That is because alcohol consumption causes dehydration. This, in turn, leads to the bulk formation of angiotensin. Angiotensin is a peptide hormone that leads to vasoconstriction that stops the blood flow to your penis. When this happens, the nerves at the tip of the penis are unable to send signals to your brain, and you end up feeling less excited than you would have if you were sober.

Almost 70% of men who are addicted to alcohol are suffering from ED or other sex-related problems. Most men who suffer from temporary ED have been later known to suffer from it permanently as alcohol abuse causes irreversible damages to your penile nerves.

Some studies have even confirmed if that if you drink within a limit, it can do wonders for your heart and blood circulation. That being said, it is better to avoid alcohol altogether if you have a history of sex-related problems. There a lot of ways to make sex enjoyable without being sloshed!