If you have been through the other blogs on the website recently, you’ll know that I am drawing up an inventory on all Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients that are beneficial to Misters’ hair health. Hence, the ingredient for today is Brahmi.

My first encounter with Brahmi was personal. As I walked through a dense, rich spice garden called Greenland Spice Garden in the state of Kerala, the tour guide stopped to show us a small, green plant, sitting quietly among the other ferns and foliage. She made sure to emphasise on the fact that killing anxiety and stress was one of its specialties.

Oxidative stress is the inability of the body to sufficiently counteract sources of oxidative damage. Specific dermatological conditions, such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis are sources of it on our scalp. This kind of stress affects hair before its emergence and also has bearings on  premature hair loss.

Brahmi is also known as the herb of grace and its therapeutic value can be attributed to its unique components and overall combination. Particularly powerful dammarane type triterpenoid saponins called bacosides present in it have extremely powerful effects on one’s body.

This Ayurvedic herb is responsible for providing long, dense, lustrous hair that is healthy and sans any split ends with sufficient volume.

In addition, its antioxidant properties make sure they rejuvenate the scalp, thereby promoting hair regeneration and growth, great for men who suffer from conditions such as Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia.

Once the scalp is adequately nourished and the dry skin, bacteria and fungi from it removed, you can forget what it's like to have a scalp plagued with dandruff.

The regular use of Brahmi in a powder form, applied on your scalp can keep roots of your hair nourished, giving them all necessary nutrients, resulting in significantly reduced hair loss. For best results, mix it with other herbal powders like ashwagandha, neem, tulsi and amla, put it into a jar, add boiled water to it, leave overnight and rinse your hair with the mixture after shampooing.

Brahmi oil is generally massaged directly onto the scalp and not meant for oral consumption. So refrain from adding it to your diet. Though not much evidence exists for the specific dosage of Brahmi, daily use for hair does no harm. However, remember that every hair type differs so consult a professional or Ayurvedic practitioner before introducing anything new to your scalp.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP